Editors letter

Michelle whitney; blogger, journalist, beauty & fashion extraordinaire

Michelle Whitney; blogger, journalist, beauty & fashion extraordinaire

Hi, I’m Michelle. A self-confessed beauty and fashion addict, I mean to the extent that I would buy a Prada bag for £360 and survive the next fortnight eating cheese sandwiches. I’ve done it before, and it probably won’t be the last time.

 Despite my huge passion for fashion, and the beauty industry. What really frustrates me; especially amongst young girls being a fundamental part of the ”Instagram” generation, is this pretentious fallacy that you need to exploit yourself in order to be attractive. To be winning you need to look like a slut. It’s not true, you can look great and have self-respect.

 Within this website I want to empower young girls, to convey that having class and dignity are infact the superior qualities.

 I remember a time I told quite a big lie; it was to a friend of a friend. We were on the way to my house and I just dropped it in so casually, ”I have a BMW you know, it’s outside my house, a black one I’ll show you when we get there.” I honestly had no car at all. But I knew I would one day, I had scrupulously saved for months on end; it was so close I could almost taste the co2 emissions. Now I look back, and I have my BMW, I have a decent job in a managerial role; I’m at university, and I’m about to become of the most successful beauty and fashion bloggers. Because I believe. I believed then, and I believe in myself and my capabilities now.

I want every female to feel like this.


  1. Millie
    April 25, 2015 / 1:54 pm

    So lovely to read. So many people feel they need to dress or act in such a manner where they disgrace all they work for, so good to see good girls can be winning too.
    Thank you x

    • April 26, 2015 / 8:16 am

      Yes! Although, I don’t want to come across as highly judgemental. I think as females we should inspire and empower one another not bring each other down. I just personally feel as if it’s really sad that young girls would rather aspire to be like celebrities who are famous for nothing more then exploiting themselves. As opposed to people who are famous, or well known for actually getting where they are due to hard work, discipline and genuine talent. I’m glad you enjoyed reading!

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