Overprocessed hair SOS

Every year I tell myself that the next year I’ll be brave enough to take the plunge; but yet, every year nothing changes. Stays the same, because, let’s face it I’m addicted. No matter how much hair breakage, skin irritation and split ends it’s consequently causing. I’m absolutely addicted to Pamela Anderson peroxide hair.

We all have our preferences; and whatever these may be, heat, the elements and colouring can cause what may seem irreparable damage. But, it’s never too late to turn your hair situation around. Here’s my 5 top tips for nursing over-processed hair. And, believe me, with years of experience of extreme hair breakage (at one point my baby hairs were my hair), battling scalp bleach irritation (burns like a motherfucking bitch) and endless split ends, I think I’m more then capable of advising…

1. Moisturising 

It’s so important to add back all the nutrients you strip from your hair. NEVER wash without conditioner, and invest in a specific shampoo and conditioner for damaged/dry hair, or your specific hair type. I recommend weekly treatments, for home remedies add argan oil, conditioner and water into an empty spray bottle and spritz onto hair before bed. My personal fave is dumb blonde shampoo and conditioner which is specially formulated for bleached blonde hair.

2. No more heat

Honestly I know how difficult it is to not use heat on your hair; but in the long run it’s only going to accelerate the damage to your hair. If you can’t resist always, always always use a good heat protector before applying heat. A good trick is to find stylish hairstyles which require no heat, fishtail braids are pretty, slicked back ponytails are back in fashion also; or if your blessed to have them, tousled waves or natural curls are super sassy for summer. Allowing your hair to dry naturally will work wonders also.

3. Dirty blonde  

Over-washing your hair strips the natural oils, if you have over processed hair you need to limit washing to once a week. Not washing hair can help to maintain colour after dying/bleaching also. After bleaching my hair I don’t touch it for at least a week, giving the hair time to recover from being stripped of it’s pigmentation; and my colour stays fresh all week! Hairsprays and dry shampoos are also very drying, try not to use them daily, or buy ones which are conditioning (containing argan oil etc).

4. Trim baby 

If it’s dead, it’s dead. You gotta let that shit go. Regularly trim hair at least every six weeks, especially if you are regularly dying hair; no need for expensive salon cuts, trims can be done from the comfort of your own home! Especially if you have a front fringe which is always being straightened, trim it weekly to keep it in tip top condition.

5. Correction products

There are so many products out there that it can be confusing knowing what to buy for dried out hair. But many home remedies are better, especially as they are 100 percent natural! Olive oil is great for dry hair, using any conditioner you have at home as a treatment is great too. Also branching out and purchasing products which are specified for Afro-Caribbean hair are great for over processed hair. A lot of them are olive oil based, thus adding moisture to hair and helping recovery and growth. They are often cheaper also, if you go to smaller boutique style shops which stock Afro-Carribean hair products. Sheen sprays are also fantastic, use before leaving the house to add moisture and combat frizz, makes your hair super shiny soft!


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  1. July 1, 2015 / 9:46 am

    This post made me think I seriousssssly need a trim don’t remember the last time I cut my hair and everyday straightening my hair means my hair is basically not even hair, just split ends 🙁

    Gab x

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