Sometimes you have to believe the hype

product review

image  I waited so long to get this foundation. Honestly. Literally months. And I’m usually not the type to wait for what I want. But forking out 36.50 for something that’s not Chanel was painful. (Well it wasn’t actually because I waited until I received it as a present).

I wanted to slate this foundation so bad. I refused to believe all the glowing reviews. What’s so special about this foundation? Does it give you like, brand new skin!?

I regret to inform you all that, no it doesn’t give you new skin. However it makes your current skin look better then it ever has before. The way it blends and adapts to your natural skin colour is breath taking. It looks as though I haven’t even put foundation on.

So this time, and this time only I’m going to justify believing the hype. Buy. It. Now.


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