The real McCoy 

You see them on the buses, shopping, on the streets. They’re everywhere. And I just don’t understand how they do it. I mean, I’m working full time and I couldn’t even afford it.

It’s sickening. Most of them are under 19, half of them couldn’t even be 13 by my judgements…How?

They probably have rich parents; or they sell drugs. These kids, KIDS with these Micheal Kors watches, bags, purses. Or the goods are fake?

It goes without saying in our highly capitalistic western world you can see designer brand names absolutely everywhere, and it seems almost everyone is taken in by the trends, no matter how young or old. So, how do you manage to follow these trends and indulge in your passion for fashion when your strapped for cash? Why should you go without just because you aren’t born rich? Aren’t we all entitled to the same luxuries in life?

However tempting it may seem to purchase counterfeit designer items, its wrong. How would you feel if you spent all your energy, time and money designing and creating something – and with passion too. To the point you had almost reached astethetic perfection, for then someone somewhere to undermine all your hard work. Replicate this, exploit workers in the process, and then go on to sell it for almost less than 90% cheaper then what you had thought it was worth. You’d be outraged. So why do we seem to think its okay to do this to the fashion designers we look up to so much?

I do understand the struggle, coming from a seemingly deprived area and growing up in a lower class household. Of course it’s not easy, everyone feels the pressures of conforming to fashions. And everyone feels the elements of competition – especially for young females (believe me, I attended a girl’s only high school), where fashion/style is literally a competition.

There are legit ways of obtaining these luxury goods we lust after, you must must must be smart with your money. And, like most good things in life – they won’t come easy. You need to be disciplined, and also use your initiative. Because, if you have such a passion for fashion as you claim, you’ll agree that nothing in the world feels better then buying the real thing. Sometimes, I’d even go as far to state that its not only so much about the item your buying – but the whole experience.

You saunter cooly into the glossy Prada store, the cashiers giving you a side glance; whilst you act calm but inside your dying. Heart racing, palms sweaty. Fashion excites you, and you can’t believe your here. Inside the store you dreamed about as a child. Worlds away from the world you grew up in. Miles away from the struggle and the lack of money that you know. So you smile, knowingly, knowing that yes I’ve made it now. And, yes that fresh leather smell from a brand new Prada bag…it’s to die for.

I’m a great believer in hard work. I believe if you want anything bad enough, and your willing to use what assets/talents you have to achieve that goal, of course focus, determination and discipline are fundamental. But with this perserverence what you can achieve is nothing less then impossible. You can do it, you can save and you can purchase your first real designer bag. However there are also smart ways of doing this. You need to scour Vogue cover to cover, and spot classic trends. Because, let’s face it no matter how hard you save, you still need to be realistic. That 10,000 Hermes bag you see Victoria Beckham posing with – is probably out of reach. However utilising things such as car boot sales, can bring you great vintage buys- as can eBay. There are also Designer outlets, such as the one in Bicester. Which, by the way is comparable to heaven to earth. Everything from Vivienne Westwood to Ralph Lauren resides there. And the shops are almost 50% cheaper then the flagship stores. Amazing right?

So, what you may assume is unreachable and how you use your ignorance to indermine an industry you claim you love? It’s unjustifiable. The prices, and the buying into brands is an accepted part of the fashion industry. And that’s not going to change for now. We live in a capitalistic society, this is what we have created. The principle applies to almost everything. I’m pretty sure a BMW is just as reliable as say, a Toyota Yaris…But which would give you more street cred? I’m pretty sure 99% of people given the choice would be prescribing to the Bavarian motor wheels. Because its known for its high quality and its reputation giving It great street cred stems from that great quality. Ladies, you are a Porsche 911 not a Ford Escort. Treat yourselves accordingly.

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