Tone it down

It’s not really something I like to discuss; or something I really mention but I do suffer from acne. So, as any acne prone person will identify with me – it’s so difficult to find suitable products. It’s like having Paris Hilton living in your skin. Temperamental, high maintenance and regular bitch fits. (Also requires pure mineral water every half hour) 

As much as I adore make up and caking my face in make up; I contour my eyelids, I contour my face, my lips – I would contour my eyeballs if I could. Some days, and particularly recently I’ve had the urge to go more natural with my make up. Thing is, it turns into a catch 22 situation. You apply make up, make up causes break outs so you then apply more make up. Until eventually you rely on it for your self esteem. But, honestly sometimes you need to let your skin breath. So, all this being said I have been on the look out for a suitable product, a tinted moisturiser or bb cream with good coverage without the pore-clogging effect. 

I brought this bb cream from The body shop, in shade number two for £8. Now the first thing which made me apprehensive was the lack of colours, they literally have three shades which I think is a poor show. As if three shades can fit everyone’s skin tone? Slightly unrealistic to say the least. However, upon using the product I was pleasantly surprised. The coverage is amazing, it’s natural light but my skin looked refreshed. And let me tell you with my sensitive dry greasy mess of a face this is severely difficult. But it made my skin look the best it ever has. AND on top of that my skin felt great. It was totally breathable, and has a fresh tea tree scent for added natural goodness. 

Here are my top tips for weening yourself off using foundation;

1. Find a product suitable for your skin type. For example if you suffer from dry skin, find a tinted moisturiser which is going to give natural cover and keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. 

2. Start off simple. At first if it seems too daunting, try cutting down on foundation use age. Limit yourself to a grape sized amount to cover your whole face, as the days go by use less and less. 

3. Prepare. For your skin to look good naked, appropriate preparation will do wonders. Make sure you have a great cleanser, toner and moisturiser suited to your skin type. 

4. H20. I know I’ve said it before but it just cannot be reiterated enough. Drinking water does wonders for your skin. And altering diet can really help control acne breakouts. 

Enjoy your skin again! 


    • October 27, 2015 / 6:12 am

      Sometimes you just need to give your skin a break 😛x

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