How to look good naked 

product review

I could not resist buying this ‘la palette nude’. It’s so aesthetically pleasing; to the point that I almost considered never using it. Just putting it (open) on my dressing table and staring lovingly at it. 

But, looks can be deceiving. I’ll be honest with you, I have high standards when it comes to Loreal. They are one of the high street cosmetic brands which I rate amongst the best. Now £14.99 for a high street eyeshadow palette is slightly steep if you ask me – but it’s so pretty I couldn’t resist. I had high hopes for the palette. 

Upon using it I quickly realised the brush provided is as helpful as a chocolate teapot; one end is so thick that it’s like applying blusher rather then eyeshadow. No precision at all. Then again this could come down to preference in application? The colours are – on the other hand, stunning and perfect shades for everyday use. 

They are not, however as pigmented as I originally hoped for. But for a natural, everyday look this palette is perfect. And a perfect dupe for the naked palette. 

Final rating – 7/10 

  I am wearing one of the nude shades pictured above 


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