Glitter is my drug 

New trend

I’m not usually one for following crazy trends. And when I first saw this whole ‘glitter roots’ thing, I thought people had finally lost the plot. But, after trying it myself (and on my poor mums hair) I’m secretly addicted. It’s like one of those naughty guilty pleasures. Plus, glitter is so pretty. 

How to apply the glitter; 

You’ll need hair gel, glitter (colour/s of your own choice) and a brush to apply it to your hair. 

It’s so simple actually, all you do is mix the gel with the glitter and apply with the brush wherever you desire. Personally I liked the idea of putting it in my plaits. In this frosty weather it looks particularly striking. 

The easy part is the application. But as everyone who’s ever used glitter will know, getting rid of the remnants is near impossible. It’s gets into places you didn’t even know existed. 

How to remove the glitter; 

Erm. There’s no easy way to say this but I don’t really know how to remove it. Washing your hair with extra conditioner should get rid of it! 

Shine away! 


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