It’s all in the brows 

You can’t leave the house without your brows on right? Well me neither. 

Everyone knows how important eyebrows became in 2015, and they won’t be any less poignant in the new year. The fundamental question is, which products help aid ‘fleeky’ brows? With so much choice out there, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming. 

Personally I have always found pencils to be the best at shaping eyebrows; they provide steady precision, and give natural looking results. (What we don’t want is hugely ott drawn on eyebrows which could rival Pete Burns). 

I put to the test a designer eyebrow pencil versus a high street brought one. 

The first product to review is soap and glorys archery brow pencil. The great thing about this is that one end you have a pencil, the other is a liquid tint. 

Great value at just £10. And I thoroughly enjoyed the fact they have a blonde colour. It is increasingly difficult to find light eyebrow pencils. And I don’t want to be that girl with platinum hair and black eyebrows. Harsh is an understatement. 

In all honesty for the past few months this product has been my saviour. However, just one small criticism. Because you can’t sharpen the pencil it doesn’t tend to last as long as traditional pencils, and there is only two shades available which doesn’t give much scope to a wider audience. All in all I would give a score of 9/10. 

Now, for those who know me they will know how much of a Chanel addict I am. That being said, I always review their products with an open mind. But they are just so goddamn aesthetically pleasing. Like I want to live at a Chanel counter and never leave. 

However, when it comes to modern concepts Chanel can sometimes lag behind due to its classic image. But I was pleasantly surprised that the eyebrow pencil comes in various shades. At £19 it isn’t cheap, but it isn’t particularly pricey either. If you take into consideration the fact it’s a pencil which may last several months, it does work out quite economical. 

As usual, the presentation is on point. That black and white glamour never fails to make me spend my money. 

The quality of the pencil is fantastic, unlike cheaper pencils it doesn’t break when being sharpened. Much like Mac lip liners, it stays sharp giving precise lines upon application. 

The pencil itself comes with a sharpener and the other end is an eyebrow brush (those things which I never use, which could actually come in handy). Overall 9/10. 
Soap and glory has to win this one though, I’m afraid. Although both pencils were awarded the same score; I understand Chanels price isn’t attainable for many people and buying their products it’s more about the whole experience rather than product performance. Whereas soap and glory present their products in a high quality way, with a great value price and the product offers more diversity when shaping eyebrows. High street wins this one!  


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  1. December 31, 2015 / 8:47 am

    That was a nice review.I was using lakhme brow pencil now m done with that. Have switched to maybelline’s duoshaper which has brow powder and pencil as well on both the ends. You are right without brows , gals like me cant think of stepping out. I love my brows!! Thank you…

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