‘New year new me bullshit’ 

Everyone has New Years resolutions and let’s face it guys, we usually don’t stick to  them. So I don’t want to be the cliche female who vows to never eat chocolate and go the gym everyday and cut out caffeine. Because that is just unrealistic and simply not going to happen. (Especially the caffeine part, I could not survive my job without regular espressos – trust me on that one). 

However there are goals which are capable of being achieved and also ways to help you achieve them successfully. Here are my top tips (and you should listen to me because when I want something I do everything in my power to get in); 

1). Realism

You need to set goals you can actually achieve. Saying you want to earn your first million in 2016 when you earn 21k per annum is simply not going to happen. I’m not saying to not aim high, but the more realistic your goal the less likely you are to feel disappointed. The satisfaction you will gain from achieving your goal will be well worth it. 

2). Scope 

For example if you are trying to cut down on sugar, your aspirations cannot be all oppressive and punishment based. You need regular treats, or some sort of motivation to help you through when it’s tough. You could; find alternatives to whatever you are trying to avoid, create a moodboard of how you don’t want to be this year to inspire you etc. Think of ways you know will actually help you. Everyone is different and everyone is inspired differently. 

3). Discipline 

It can be so difficult to retain discipline especially when trying to be healthier or saving money. You see all your friends on the weekend getting pissed up, eating kebabs and drinking litres of vodka looking like they are having the time of their lives all over social media. But what did they achieve by doing that every werkend? The answer is not much. Apart from creating a big hole in their bank account, probably losing all their dignity and damaging their liver. Honestly; you aren’t missing much. Admittedly it is hard when you are young, but if you want to be different and achieve differently you got to have that discipline. (Just an example, apply discipline in whatever you need to achieve). 

You will reap the rewards after all your hard efforts, so it’s well worth making the effort to stick to your aspirations. We have chances everyday, but a new year symbolises rejuvenation so if this is your motivation for goal achieving so be it. Happy new year and a personal message from me: Slay people slay! 


  1. January 2, 2016 / 4:56 pm

    Amen, girl! And happy new year! 😎👍

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