It’ll be all white ✨ 

I’ve forever had an obsession with trying to make my teeth as white as possible. They aren’t particularly stained or yellow, I just feel like the whiter they are the prettier they’ll look (because it’s too late for braces, I’ve surpassed that awkward teenage stage quite frankly). So I have wanted to try coconut oil pulling for a long while. As a natural whitening alternative to peroxide it seemed an attractive concept. 

I recently purchased a box online of oil pulling sachets from coco white. The box contains mint, vanilla & lemon flavoured sachets. Good value too – £14.99 for a two week supply. And safe to say their website is full of testomonials stating that coco white has dramatically changed people’s lives. I don’t know if these reviews are fictitious but I wouldn’t quite go that far…. 

How do I rate coco white?

I will warn you now, because they clearly do not state this on their website or the instructions on the box. The texture of the oil in your mouth is quite disgusting, if you have an upset stomach or any type of illness. Wait. Until. You. Are. Well. 

It was literally like having olive oil or pure fat swished around my mouth, not pleasurable in the slightest. 

I have to admit though, after the first attempt it does get slightly easier. You adapt to the strange texture in your mouth and the vanilla sachets taste quite nice (emphasis on quite). 

Unfortunately after a week of using them I am yet to see a difference in the shade of my teeth. They do, however make my teeth feel cleaner and my mouth fresher after use. 

All in all, I would give them 5/10. 

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