How to make it through your degree being as lazy as possible 

I don’t want to be an utterly bad influence… BUT there are some people in this world who iron and fold their clothes the night before work, and organise their lunches in quaint little containers. And then there’s my breed. Wake up, after snoozing the alarm maybe 11 or 12 times, throw my entire wardrobe around my room while stressing out before eventually pulling together a half decent looking outfit. And then try to progress with my day. And that sort of epitomises my approach to most things in life. 

Being naturally intelligent has not helped my lazy gene one bit. I honestly believe some people are born with this gene, don’t get me wrong I work bloody hard. I do 58 hour weeks, whilst balancing a social life, going to university & meeting university deadlines (and trying to run a blog). But I like the intensity of working under pressure. If I know I have time to complete a task, where’s the fun in completing it earlier? *my messed up logic* 

I had thought when I joined university I might just snap out of this phase. But no, nope, hasn’t happened. 

And to be honest, I’ve started to embrace it now and make the most of it. I have random blurts of organisation and make sure I complete things on time. It’s just the getting there that I suck at. 

Anyway I’ve very nearly almost graduated with this appalling attitude, so read my top tips below on how to survive 3 academic years without even buying a pen. 

1. You must realise most of your lectures are available online, taking notes is usually a pointless waste of your time. Unless you are one of those people who need to write things to absorb them. I would suggest writing key points, and then when it comes to assignments refer to the online version of the lecture. (Which also means if you need to skip a few that aren’t so important, it’s fine) 

2. Fancy stationery is also a waste of money. It won’t improve your grades whatsoever. A notepad, a diary (for important dates) and a pen are honestly all you need. Most things are digital/online nowadays anyway. For example, we usually take pictures of lecture screens instead of copying it word for word which makes my precious hands ache 💅🏻 

3. Deadlines are real and deadlines are scary. Do not ignore them for as long as humanly possible. If, like me, you can’t motivate yourself to complete essays months before they are due. There are some steps you can complete to make your life easier when you finally decide to sit down and start typing. Get your academic books beforehand, read through and make notes, use sticky notes to highlights quotes you can use. Then when you go to write the essay you won’t spend half a day trying to read several academic books (which is not recommended; you will get a migraine and die) 

4. Always show up to classes. Showing up is half the effort. Regardless if you forget a pen and paper. You are present, and your brain takes in more than you realise. That’s the issue, subconsciously we learn at university and take things in. So do not think that just because someone else is more organised they are necessarily more engaged. This is a common misconception. On the other hand, you can’t rely on pure memory to remember everything. It’s about finding the correct balance. 

And finally, enjoy knowing you aren’t the only one who panic writes the day before assignments. Only this time round you are going to pre read your books and make notes, aren’t you? 

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