Drugstore delight: Maybelline anti-age concealer review 

It seems I can’t casually walk into any store which sells any cosmetics or any item even cosmetic related – without buying something, anything. This week I ventured into Boots to buy hair dye and I ended up purchasing this pretty little roll on under eye concealer. 

I’m not usually that keen on drugstore cosmetics if I’m honest, but for £8 (considering the price the look of this product feels a lot more expensive) this concealer is wonderful. Because of its spongy applicator it’s very easy to apply underneath the eye, without dragging the sensitive under eye skin (a common issue I have with concealer). The coverage is rather good also – it almost covered my horrendous blacker than black circles with one application. 

This product is a serious rival to YSL’s infamous touché eclat. Infact I would even go as far to say this is much better. It’s more economical in its price, the quality is better, application is smoother and the range of colours available is more extensive. 

Overall it made my whole eye area brighter and more radiant. Definetly worth trying! Only criticism is that it isn’t really a multi purpose concealer (that could be used for contouring etc – especially cuz I contour the fuck out of my face at any given opportunity) because of the spongy applicator – but that being said it doesn’t claim to be multipurpose. It does exactly what it says on the tin. 

Overall score – 9/10 

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