Élan Cafe Knightsbridge Review – Is it Overrated?

It’s fast become an Instagram bloggers dream cafe. Élan Cafe, with its loud pink decor, floral scenery and aesthetic LED lettering is the ultimate place to be seen for any influencer. Due to its success being plastered all over social media, the cafe comes with a huge reputation to live up to. The question is, does it live up to its socially enhanced rep?

The review

I have spent the last 5 years continuously eating out all over London. I am a self confessed foodie, it’s my second love (after my bmw, naturally) and I have gradually become a bit of a food connoisseur. Therefore, it takes a lot to impress me.

I’ve wanted to visit Élan cafe since I first spotted it on Instagram, it looks just amazing. They have a fantastic presence on social media, and they have tapped into what is arguably the most important target demographic for companies nowadays – influencers. By targeting influencers and social media enthusiasts alike Élan have impressively built up a brand in a small amount of time.

I visited the Knightsbridge branch, my friend and I decided to go for brunch. It was busy, as we had expected but we managed to grab a table within 15 minutes. Once sat down, it was slightly cramped as we shared a large table with (what I assume to be) fellow millennial who were also there to take pics of the food for their Instagram account. I loved the fact that no one was staring at me in a judgemental way, whilst I took pictures of absolutely everything!

Considering the highbrow area and the popularity of the cafe, the prices were decent. We ordered a cold drink, a latte, a chicken sandwich, chicken goujons & two cakes. We split the bill and it was around £20 each. I thought this was acceptable. The savoury hot plates tasted amicably average, but the presentation was good. The cakes were amazing, and the cafe has an entire patisserie of cakes to chose from.

Overall I think this is a lovely place to come for lunch, you just need to be prepped for just how busy it is. Also, ensure you aren’t absolutely ravenous as its not really a sit down three course meal restaurant. More of a quick lunch or dessert joint. I’d say overall I would give the experience 7/10.

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