The Three Best Products for Damaged Blonde Hair

I was thinking the other day, what is a beauty related question that I can answer for my readers? Then I remembered I quite often get asked about hair care. I suppose this is mainly because I have been bleaching my hair for over 10 years, and it’s still on my head! This is probably a rarity, and despite the dying I endure my hair is always well looked after.

The secret is to give your hair the nourishment it desperately needs.

The holy grail for damaged blonde hair

The way that I do this is by limiting heat exposure, limiting the amount of washing, and adding the correct moisture via hair care products. The three products I could not live without are explained below;

1. The Body Shop Shea Butter Hair Mask, £12, 240ml

I usually use Shea Butter as a body moisturiser and I am ever so fond of the smell. The Shea Butter hair care range from The Body Shop is designed to tackle dry, damaged hair. When you dye or bleach your hair, you are essentially stripping its natural pigmentation and leaving it processed. If you do not put this lost moisturise back into your hair, it can easily break (fall out) or become dry and brittle. I use this hair mask in replacement of conditioner, once a week as a treatment. I leave it on for about 3 minutes and rinse out thoroughly. It leaves my hair feeling as soft as silk, and despite being so replenishing it doesn’t leave hair oily. This is a must have for dry hair.

2. Moroccanoil Treatment, Light, £32.85, 100ml

This product is slightly pricier, but worth the investment. It can be used as a scalp treatment, hair treatment, finishing oil or even as a nourishing serum. Within my routine I apply it to wet hair, just after washing it. I run it through the ends of my hair. It helps protect hair from heat damage, aids faster drying, boosts shine and smells delicious. Like it’s my actual favourite smell in the world. This is a multi purpose product that is formulated for for the delicate needs of light coloured hair.

3. Provoke, Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo, 150ml, £2.12

The toner brings out cooler, white tones to blonde hair

This toner is an absolute life saver. Between dying your hair when it can become brassy, it breathes the whiteness back into your hair. Eliminating yellow tones and enhancing cool blonde tones. It’s not great for your hair, it certainly isn’t a conditioning treatment. But if it stops you dying your roots as often, then it’s still helping to lessen damage. I think of it as a preventative product. Use only weekly and leave on your hair for only 3 minutes maximum. If you leave it on longer it will stain your hair purple and blue. Believe me I’ve done it many times!


  1. March 10, 2019 / 5:12 pm

    I love the Maroccanoil treatment! Hadn’t heard of the Shea Butter mask yet; I will definitely give it a try! Thank you for sharing. x Kari

    • michelleprestige
      March 10, 2019 / 5:16 pm

      No worries hun! Yes the hair mask is amazing. If you’d like to purchase let me know I can give you discount 😀 xxx

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