Pixi Best of Rose review

I’ll admit it. I’m a skincare obsessive. As soon as I saw this Best of Rose set from Pixi, I couldn’t ignore the burning urge to have it. In addition to my previous post, my excuse to justify this decision is that I’m building up my stock. Skincare stock galore!


This is a great little set which gives you a taste of the Pixi skincare rose range. It’s £20 which is a decent price, these products would double up as travel essentials. Here’s the breakdown review of each miniature:

Rose Tonic

I have used the full size version of this rose tonic before and this is what inspired me to re-purchase. It is a Rose Hydrosol toner which hydrates and neutralises skin. The ingredients include rose flower extract, which calms and helps to minimise redness. Elderflower brightens complexion and camomile helps to soothe the skin. I absolutely adore the natural ingredients, and they enhance this toner to the fullest. It leaves skin with a boosted glow, and it smells terrific. A floral unsung hero.

Rose Cream Cleanser

I seem to go through cleansers these days at an alarming rate, it’s mainly since double cleansing became a thing. The double cleansing really does work for me, suffering with acne and wearing full make up everyday means I need to cleanse throughly. This is an effectively gentle cleanser, appropriate for everyday use. It contains avocado, rose and aloe to soothe skin. It also contains a mineral rich mud which nourishes skin. It leaves skin refreshed and soothed, without over cleansing.

Rose Flash Balm

This instant skin booster is a 3 in 1 product. It can be used as a primer before make up application, to prep the skin. You can also leave it on for 5 minutes as an intensely moisturising mask. It’s an oil free balm that aims to brighten skin, containing olive leaf extract which is a smoothing super-food. I love using this after cleansing, it gives a brilliant base for bb cream or foundation. Personally my pores are quite wide and open, so products like this help to smooth them over before my make up application. Almost like a filler!

Overall I would really recommend this set. The full size versions of these products come to a total of £62. So these miniatures are not only a great intro to the brand, but cost effective too. I love rose as an ingredient, because it’s so compatible with sensitive skin. It smells lush and it’s natural. Natural ingredients are the way forward.


  1. March 26, 2019 / 2:44 pm

    Pixi products and their packaging always gets me…and they work amazingly too

    • michelleprestige
      March 26, 2019 / 9:17 pm

      Exactly! I fell in love with their aesthetic. But then the performance lives up to the looks as well 😍

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