May 2019 Birchbox Review

I’ve always been on the fence when it comes to beauty subscription boxes. I was signed up to Birchbox a few years ago, I stopped it when I felt the products were repetitive. However, recently I started to realise something was happened to me that shouldn’t ever happen to any beauty blogger! It’s embarrassing. I was running out of products. Running out of stock. I am that kind of crazily organised person that keeps a stock of my daily products, including both skincare and make up.

So I’ve re-subscribed to Birchbox, and have been pleasantly surprised. I’m not sure if they’ve upped their game, but the products I have been receiving are amazing.

May Birchbox review

I was particularly happy when I received my box this month, it contained at least two cult products that I have been wanting forever. Here is a brief description of the products, and what I’ve thought of them thus far.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

This product has been on my radar for a few years, it’s brilliantly aimed at processed hair. It is a pre-shampoo treatment that promises to add elasticity, manageability and bounce to damaged hair. This is rather a big promise! So far I have used this treatment once, I did notice a difference in my hairs elasticity and softness at once. However, it does also state on the container that for best results you need to use regularly. I believe it’s one of those gradual products, and it makes sense to take time to repair the damage your hair has incurred.

Overall I think this is a great treatment for damaged hair. My hair even appeared lighter / blonder after the first use, probably because it removed a build up of pollutants and dirt.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Florale

This is a multi purpose oil by skincare brand Nuxe. I see this brand all over my social media, and their products are very pretty. I’ve been keen to try their stuff for a while, so was enthralled to receive yet another product I had wanted for some time.

I am a huge fan of a multi purpose product. This oil can be used on skin, hair, even as a perfume (the oil is perfumed). Personally I have been using it on my legs after shaving, as it provides a good amount of moisture. I keep it in my make up bag, handy to touch up any dry spots that like to appear on my face during the course of the day!

It also smells great. It has a reminiscent smell for me of the south of France. It reminds me of chic, french luxury.

Lord & Berry Kohl Eyeliner in Black

I’ve tried a few products before from Lord & Berry, and I’ve never been disappointed. This eyeliner arrived just at the right time, as my previous one was just about to run out. I like this pencil eyeliner, but I don’t find it to be very intense. My eyes are quite watery, but the pencil seems to come out watery as well. It is fine for a natural day look, but perhaps not suitable for more dramatic smoky eye looks.

Mimitika Face Sunscreen SPF 50

I am constantly banging on about protecting your skin from harmful UV rays, because it is paramount. This face cream is wonderful because it has a high factor of protection, and it has a good consistency rather than a traditionally thick sunscreen. Another thing I love is discovering new brands, and I must admit I hadn’t heard of Mimitika before receiving this sunscreen. They have a rather favourable Instagram page, and I will be using this sunscreen on my holiday to Ghana in December. I am so excited to visit Ghana, and I will be attending my best friends wedding!

I would recommend this sunscreen to everyone. It goes on like a normal moisturiser, smells great and contains a high level protection from UV rays.

Beautaniq Beauty Nourishing Mascara

Again, this product just seemed to appear at the right time. My current mascara is running out, and I’m loving the fact I get to try a new one. This nourishing mascara contains almond oil and camellia oil (two of my favourite oils!), to aid the lashes in repairing. I love this mascara, it works well you need only apply a few coats to gain enough length for everyday use.


I must say that I am going to be continuing with Birchbox for now. It’s helping me to build a stock of cult products, as well as aiding me in discovering new beauty brands. I do believe it’s good value for money, 5 products for Β£12.99 is brilliant. On an end note, I just wanted to say that I see this box as a form of self care. Seeing as it’s mental health awareness week, self care is imperative. Every month I look forward to receiving my box, and seeing what goodies are inside – it definitely gives you a little buzz. Who doesn’t need a little buzz every month?


  1. May 19, 2019 / 7:56 pm

    I feel exactly the same with Birchbox at the moment my subscriptions been paused for a few months now. However this does look like a good box. Might be worth starting them again! I also worry about running out of products!!! X

    • michelleprestige
      May 19, 2019 / 9:15 pm

      I know!!! I think I’m subconsciously prepping for a nuclear war πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™„. But honestly I’ve been impressed the last three months at the goodies from Birchbox. I would recommend resubscribing for summer 😊. Also thanks for reading hun. Xxxx

      • May 20, 2019 / 4:07 am

        Your welcome really enjoyed reading. Yeah there’s got to be be some good summer goodies coming! X

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