Rodin Lip Balm Review – Holiday Essential

Ever since I first set eyes on Linda Rodin’s skincare and cosmetic product designs, I fell in love. They are contemporary, stylish and have a unique sense of class. Not to mention the aesthetically pleasing and equally classy transparent cases that are frequently featured within the make up range.

The Rodin lip balm has been on my radar for a while, it has the clear lucite compact and it is an instagram favourite. When I received mine I knew that taking it on holiday to Munich was the best idea.

Rodin Lip Balm amidst Linderhof Castle, Bavarian Alps

I’ve literally just got back and was in Munich for four days. Flying by plane tends to dry your lips, and whilst I was in Munich temperatures soared to 32 degrees and this type of heat is also drying for the mouth and lips.

How did it perform?

The lip balm is designed to be a handbag essential that contains natural ingredients and hydrates lips. Enriched with Jasmine, Orange Flower Oil, Shea butter and beeswax – the lip balm eminentes the brands signature floral scent. The lip balm is slightly tinted, so it gives a natural looking rosy glow to your lips.

As I have mentioned in the past I suffer with extremely dry lips, so the summer months are even more difficult for keeping my lips hydrated. The Rodin lip balm was excellent for this, it’s a real all rounder. It looks great in your make up bag, it keeps lips moisturised without being greasy, and it’s small enough to bring around on your travels.

I took it with me on a tour around Linderhof Castle which is located in the Bavarian alps, bare in mind it was 32 degrees on this particular day and there was far too much walking involved (totally justifiable for the amazing views however), and despite being on the verge of cardiac arrest, my lips stayed hydrated! I believe that the combination of extreme exercise (an alien concept to me as of recent), heat and altitude was a real test for the balm.

I was so impressed at how the balm kept my lips moist, it has real longevity. Such a pretty, practical product and it is suitable for everyone. I would really recommend this product, it is a holiday essential.

*Please note this item was gifted to me. Rodin Olio Lusso’s lip balm is available at Liberty London. The Lip balm retails at £25 and is available here.

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