Kababji – A Culinary Experience in Wimbledon

I am a self confessed food addict, literally from the moment I wake up to the minute I fall asleep – food is on my mind! Due to this food dictation, I tend to spend a lot of my free time eating out and trying new food haunts.

This week I was kindly invited to attend a recently opened restaurant in Wimbledon named ‘Kababji‘. It was a bloggers night where guests would have the opportunity to try food and drinks, plus the chance to learn more about the restaurant and it’s origins.

Kababji is a Lebanese restaurant, the brand is in fact already well established in the Middle East however this is their first U.K. franchise. The food is authentic Lebanese food, freshly prepared within the restaurant on demand. They even have a spice station so that you can customise your flavours further!

We tried the mixed grill, which was two types of grilled lamb and chicken on a bed of rice. The meat was grilled to perfection, juicy, with plenty of flavour. There are also many sides to choose from – homemade hummus and khobez bread (a Lebanese flatbread that is insanely delicious!), fattouch (a tomato and lettuce salad with crispy bread and vinaigrette) all the way to my favourite side dish: cheese rakakat. Essentially these are the most unhealthy option on the entire menu, but so very tasty! Deep fried Lebanese cheese rolls *mouth waters*. The cheese rakakat was really unique, I’ve never tried this before and I would come back for them again without a shadow of doubt.

Image Courtesy Of: Aamna Ilyas

Aside from the fresh and undoubtedly tasty food, the restaurant is very well thought out and the interior is stunning. You can tell that the designers have considered every aspect of the customer experience; there are wireless charging ports for your phone available on counters, a spice station where you can add additional seasoning to your meal, two infused water dispensers at either end of the restaurant, plus a recycling station! Our hosts explained to us that the restaurant is big on recycling – and this was really important for me.

Sustainability is a high profile subject right now and it’s mandatory for companies to acknowledge their behaviours in regards to the environment, Kababji use recycled tissues and cutlery and continue to recycle all waste from the store.

The interior is a fusion between traditional Lebanese touches, juxtaposed against a modern industrial feel. Completed, of course, with pink neon lighting!

I thoroughly enjoyed my evening at Kababji, and it wasn’t just due to the enjoyable and fresh food. I appreciated that the whole customer experience has really been planned out methodically and it gives the message that these guys genuinely care about their customers. If you live / work / regularly visit Wimbledon I urge you to try this place out – you will not be disappointed! Oh, and one last point, their ice cream is to die for. Complete with angel hair on top, it tastes heavenly. See what I did there?

*Kababji invited myself and others to a bloggers night, where we received complimentary drinks and food

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