The Body Shop Illuminator review

This white and bronze Illuminator is the perfect product to get your autumnal glow! Although it has not yet been released in stores, I luckily have early access to this product as an independent consultant for The Body Shop. I am extremely grateful to be able to preview this highlighter, as it is a must-have for the Autumn season.

How does it perform?

The main thing with a powder highlighter to look for is how pigmented / glowing it is. There are some highlighters out there that literally have zero shimmer (basically a powder), and that’s not what you want from a product that claims to illuminate. This Illuminating highlighter gives a bright, dewy glow that is buildable. To be honest it isn’t the most pigmented highlighter I’ve ever used, but it does give a lovely glow – and of course you can apply as much or as little as you so desire.

This powder highlighter is my favourite type of highlighter to apply. I find that having combination skin means that liquid highlighters tend to look greasy. Whereas a decent powder highlighter (like this one), will give you a glow visible from space without making you look sweaty / like a greasy mess!

Another benefit of The Body Shop’s illuminating highlighter is that it contains two different shades, white highlighter and bronze. It can be used to brighten your sockets; for various eyeshadow techniques, and for contouring on cheeks, nose and lips.

As with the same size bronzer from The Body Shop, I find these products great value for money. For what they cost, which is relatively cheap for high street products they last forever. I’ve had my bronzer which is exactly the same size for about six months, and it isn’t showing much signs of wear at all!

Please note this product is not yet available for purchase from retail stores; however it is available through independent consultants. If you have any queries or would like to purchase, please contact me directly:


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