My Travel Experience in Ghana

I can honestly say that up until the end of 2019 I had never visited anywhere outside the realms of Europe, and I don’t think I realised quite how amazing the rest of the world is.

I travelled to Ghana in December for my best friends wedding, and I stayed for just over two weeks. I had the best time of my life and I would recommend Ghana as a holiday destination to anyone.

My Experience

As much as Ghana may not seem like a typical travel destination for those residing in the U.K., I have been hearing whispers of how great it is for a good few years now. I can confirm the whispers are 100% correct! And here’s why…

Positive Vibes

In my experience every single Ghanaian person I came across was just super chill. It’s a real contrast from the harsh and hostile atmosphere that we are accustomed to receiving from fellow Londoners, and Accra was the total polar opposite. People were friendly, welcoming and extremely hospitable to guests.


If you are looking for the equivalent of Ibiza situated in Africa, Ghana is the place to be. There is an array of bars, nightclubs, restaurants and even festivals to explore. If you stay in Accra you must visit Bloom bar, since the moment I landed in Ghana I did not stop hearing about the infamous Bloom bar! Even if you are not a hardcore raver, unlike the nightclubs in London where everyone gets way too drunk and acts like animals – the vibe is so chill.

Parte After Parte 🥳

Even if you just want to sit, soak up the vibes and enjoy an alcoholic beverage you really can do just that.


I will not describe this section of the post under any false pretences; I did not explore as much culture in Accra as I would have liked – mainly because I was drinking relentlessly most days until 5am and then sleeping for the entirety of the day (not just me the whole grooms/bridal party!).

Jollof Rice & Chicken

However, I did get to try some wonderful food (and of course food is life). Jollof rice, Tilapia, Yam Balls and Waakye were among my favourites. I would particularly recommend trying Waakye, which is essentially the Ghanaian version of rice and peas and it is absolutely delicious.

Additionally I was lucky enough to experience a traditional Ghanaian engagement party, which was a lovely insight into Ghanaian traditions.

Me & Beautiful Bride Rachelle

At the ceremony there were traditional drummers who also performed amazingly choreographed dances (it’s a wonder how they have such immense energy in the blistering heat as I was d y i n g).

As the bridal party we also had traditional roles to play out during the ceremony, we had to dance our bride into the main section of the ceremony where she would meet her future husband. Both families are sat present and before we had danced out the bride, the grooms family had presented the brides family with various gifts, in order for the bride to accept the proposal (or not). Suffice to say, her and her family said yes!


Of course you expect hot weather when visiting Ghana, but if you visit during Harmattan season like I did just be prepared! Harmattan season is the dry season between December and March, characterised by dry and dusty wind blown over from the Sahara. You are probably thinking at this point, okay it’s a bit dry. So what?

Well, I thought everyone was exaggerating but it is DRY. My hair became completely unmanageable, if I had it straight I looked like Tina Turner after half an hour. If I curled it the humidity and dryness made it drop out within 5 minutes leaving my hair in a crumpled mess – so it was honestly impossible to style my hair and not look like a sweaty untidy person. If you visit during this season I would advise a hair style which is low maintenance and not affected by heat / humidity.

The dry air also takes a toll on your skin so be sure to moisturise religiously. Local Shea Butter is great for revitalising hair and skin, and I even used it for the flu which I managed to luckily contract in 36 degree heat (super fun as you can imagine).


If you do decide to visit Ghana, you will not regret it! I had THE BEST holiday / wedding celebrations ever. People are lovely, the food is spicy and tasty, the weather is consistently hot and there is so many cultural sites to explore (I’ll leave that until next time).

I’d also like to thank Rachelle, Joo-Jo and Rachelle’s superb family for looking after us during our trip – wishing the happy couple all the best for the now and the future💗

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