Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm Review

The Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm has fast become a skincare legend in the beauty industry. The product is a multi-award winner, taking away 19 awards over 10 years! With high profile magazines like Vogue praising this spa in a jar, it’s one of those products you simply must try.

The Emma Hardie Brand ethos is that their products are full of natural botanicals and ingredients, accentuating naturally younger looking skin. And I am a huge fan of skincare brands that encourage the use of natural ingredients, especially as my temperamental skin tends to react much better to them.

How does it perform?

At £47 the Moringa cleansing balm alone (mine was part of a set where the rose-hip seeds are also included) is not cheap. I think when reviewing skincare it’s important to discuss price, or rather, value for money. Yes this product is not cheap, but if you are looking for a high quality, luxuriant product that really treats your skin – it is well worth the investment.

In general, I find exfoliators difficult to buy (understatement – I usually avoid buying them altogether because they scare me!) as I have dry patches and also amazingly greasy skin all at the same time. Cheaper exfoliating products can be too abrasive, and cause extreme dry patches for me, as well as irritation which is not pretty! However, with this cleansing balm you have the option to add in the rosehip seeds to your own preference – so it can be less or more exfoliating depending what you prefer.

I have also used the cleansing balm without the rosehip seeds, and this makes for a gentler cleanse. For temperamental or sensitive skin I would recommend using the cleansing balm daily, and adding in the rosehip seeds once a week for a deeper cleanse.

With the rosehip seeds included, the cleanse is exfoliating enough to polish the skin without damaging it, and this could also be down to the natural ingredients. My skin really loves the combination of these two products, it left my skin ultra soft and I did see an improvement in the appearance of my pores (they are usually big enough to hide things in). The balm claims to minimise pores, and it does exactly that (and we all love a product that actually lives up to its claims!).

A cleansing cloth is also provided within the set I received, one side is for removing the balm and the other is rougher for exfoliating the skin. The combination of the three products really does produce a spa-like experience. The scent of the moringa provides a relaxing ambience; and as you cleanse away the dirt and impurities, fresher and revitalised skin is revealed beneath.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a luxurious exfoliating experience. Perhaps these products are not suitable for everyday use (depending on your skin type of course), however for a deep cleanse they are certainly a skin treat.

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  1. Nanayaw Odumgya Owusu
    February 1, 2020 / 9:10 am

    Great! I’m getting mine soon😌😊

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