My Top Four Favourite Strip Lashes

I am one of those girls who truly believes a full face of make up is not complete without lashes. And by lashes I mean full-on glamour strip lashes that are long enough to shield your eyes from sand. I usually wear strip lashes daily, (if I’m wearing make up which during lockdown has not been very often) and over the years I have tried and tested various strip lashes. I thought it only fair to share my knowledge and favourites with you!

Ranking from 1-4, 4 being my all time favourite lashes.

1. Primark False Eyelashes in Sultry, £1, Only available in store

These have to be the best value strip lashes in my opinion; an absolute steal at the humble price of £1, there was a time where I would wear these pretties everyday. I tend to buy these in bulk whenever I do a Primark haul, and when I apply them I double up as they aren’t thick enough for me (but I do like to be extra when it comes to lashes). I also customise them by snipping off a few lashes from the end (to shorten them), this allows them to stick and fit on the eye more comfortably.

2. eBay False Lashes in 5 pack, £3.99

Firstly, apologies for the lack of one pair of strip lashes being present (these are my favourite ones). These faux mink lashes from eBay are also great value, at £3.99 for 5 pairs they’ll last you ages! They are all faux mink, wispy and 3 dimensional. I took this 5 pack to my best friends wedding and came back with an empty packet, everyone loved them and agreed that they look much more expensive when you wear them. Bargains galore.

These lashes are my favourite from the 5 pack (fourth ones down)

3. Eylure, The Plastic Boy lashes in Bad & Boujee, £8

Launched in a collaborative effort between The Plastic Boy, beauty blogger Gary Thompson, and Eylure – these lashes are everything. As stated on the packaging, they are 3 dimensional, and they are both long enough and thick enough. In the past when buying drugstore lashes, this was always my biggest issue. They’d look lovely and lusciously long in the packet, get home, try them on and they’re stumpy! One of my pet hates. I’m so glad I gave these a chance in my last haunt to my local Boots because they are now one of my favourites. They can be worn for up to 5 uses, and £8 for such high quality lashes is a really decent price.

I honestly love these lashes, and the fact they are called bad & boujee makes them even more magnificent

5. Huda Beauty Lashes in Noelle, £18

These are the most expensive lashes in my list, but they’re also my go to lashes, always! They are such great all rounders, as well as being feathery and looking lush on all eye shapes – they feel comfortable on your eyes. With some of the cheaper thick lashes, you can get the band irritating your eyes or the corners constantly rejecting the glue and flicking up unexpectedly (giving you that dreaded unglued lash half on half off monstrosity of a look). The Huda Beauty lashes are not only long wearing, comfortable and pretty, they can be used for a long time. I ensure to clean the glue off but these last me up to two months at a time.

The Huda Beauty lashes give you that ‘oomph’, with varying lengths of faux mink lashes – they are the ultimate lash for me

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