Lockdown Skincare Routine for Glowing Skin

Since we have been in lockdown and only leaving the house for essentials I decided this would be the perfect time to work on improving my skin. To give it a break from make up, and perfect a consistent daily skincare routine.

I’ve reverted back to basics. Cleanse, tone and moisturise. On alternate days, and at night time, I use an anti-ageing serum before my moisturiser in order to increase elasticity, and improve fine lines or signs of ageing whilst I catch my beauty sleep!

However for my daytime routine, firstly for cleansing I’m using The Body Shops Aloe Calming Foaming wash, which is recommended for sensitive skin. The natural Aloe Vera extract soothes irritated skin, and I feel confident recommending this foaming wash to anyone as it’s super gentle on the skin. It leaves skin calm, clean and feeling refreshed.

Next up in my routine, once my face is dry I spritz it with the Revolution Glycolic Acid Revitalising Essence Spray. Glycolic acid is a skincare acid used for targeting acne, however it can be rather astringent. That’s why I like this essence spray, it also contains Aloe Vera making it gentler to skin, and the ingredients compliment The Body Shop products in my skincare routine. Particularly in the morning after I’ve just cleansed, I find it extremely refreshing to spritz this on my skin (especially with the rare actual summer weather we’ve been having recently).

The last step in my daytime skincare routine is to moisturise. I’m using The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day Cream, much like the cleanser this is formulated for sensitive skin and helps minimise skin reactions whilst providing adequate hydration. I love that this cream is formulated without fragrance, alcohol, parabens or colour. For me personally, I didn’t always realise in the past that these ingredients were added to my skin issues; in addition to having acne I was then over cleansing and irritating my skin with such ingredients causing further inflammation. When your skin is acting out, sometimes it’s really worth analysing you’re skincare routine and stripping it back to basics. It’s really worked for me!

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