My Three Day Juice Cleanse with Fuel Station

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I must say that I always thought I had a healthy relationship with food; I love food, and not just unhealthy food, ALL of it, I don’t discriminate! But, recently I have noticed a bit of unwanted weight that has creeped on over the last few years of indulgence (getting older and hence metabolism slowing down), so when Fuel Station approached me to try their three day juice cleanse I thought it was a perfect opportunity for me to kick start a healthier lifestyle.


At first, the idea of not eating food and just having four juices throughout the day scared the hell out of me. I’m so dependant on food – and this is when I started to realise that my relationship with food clearly isn’t as dandy as I initially thought. I let food rule me, which is fine to an extent – but not when it’s dictating my day and changing my body in a way that I am not happy with. This juice cleanse not only gave me an energy boost, but it gave me the strength to take the control back. I’m now in control of my diet and what I eat, rather than consistently succumbing to food.

The Three Day Juice Cleanse

For the three day juice cleanse it works by drinking four juices throughout the duration of the day; the juices are packed full of raw, natural fruits and vegetables and as many nutrients as possible. They are really tasty, and taste like any smoothie you can purchase in stores. Fuel Station deliver all their juices frozen, so that they are as fresh as possible. By cutting out solid food and only drinking juices, the concept is that your metabolism is ”re-set” and cut out all toxins. You can still drink water whilst on the juice cleanse, in fact it is encouraged.

The first day of my cleanse was the worst – in fact after 5pm in the afternoon I had forgot I was hungry at all! I found the best thing to do was try to keep busy, but not too busy, as you can feel quite faint when doing a cleanse. You must also avoid activities that encourage strenuous exercise, lockdown is the perfect time to cleanse, especially if like me you have been furloughed from work. Once you get over the hunger pains, every time you have a juice it gives you a boost of energy. Another thing to strictly void is drinking the juices one after the other, you must leave 2-3 hours in between juices. I didn’t the first day and consequently my tummy was like a washing machine – let’s just say it was not pleasant.

Overall I didn’t hate the experience and I really thought I would! Furthermore, I really enjoyed the taste of the juices and I could visually notice after the three days that my stomach seemed flatter – it appeared as if the water weight I had was shifting.


I think the three day cleanse is an amazing way to kickstart a healthier lifestyle, kickstart your metabolism and kickstart a more in-tune relationship with your body. Would highly recommend for those looking to cleanse their body of toxins and those who want to lose weight.


  1. June 24, 2020 / 8:50 pm

    Looking gorgeous! Need to look into a cleanse!

    • michelleprestige
      June 24, 2020 / 9:01 pm

      Honestly it was difficult but felt so rewarding!

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