How to Go From Platinum Blonde Hair to Pastel Pink

Lockdown / the middle of a global pandemic is honestly the best time to experiment with your hair. Especially if you are furloughed like me – because even if you end up with disastrous hair that looks like you’ve had a fight with Boot’s hair dye aisle (and lost) it won’t matter as you don’t (technically) need to leave the house! This is one of the reasons I was brave enough to take the plunge and dye my hair pink, and the fact that I’ve toyed with the idea for years but always been too pussy to actually commit to it.

For the past 10 years I’ve been bleaching and dying my hair the same colour, platinum or bleached blonde, so a change was well overdue. The dye that I purchased is also semi permanent and will last up to five washes, meaning that it will just fade out – which is really beneficial if you just want to see whether a colour will suit you and want to minimise long term damage to your hair.

Here’s how I went from platinum blonde hair to pastel pink

First tip is to ensure your hair is unwashed the day you want to dye it. Next up if you already have blonde hair, you’ll want to ensure your roots are fresh and any uneven parts of your hair are as blonde as possible. Ideally you’d dye your roots, and then apply a conditioning mask to re-hydrate your hair before you add the pink, advisably you should wait a week and then dye it. (For the best results the pink dye needs to be applied to bleached / very blonde hair, as per the instructions on the packaging).


I purchased Bleach London’s Super Cool Colour dye in Rosé which retails at £6.50 and is a trusted hair dye brand; there is also a shampoo and conditioner available in the same shade which I’d advise buying if you decide you like the colour on your hair (you can use them to add a pink tint). Before you apply the pink dye it’s very important to cover any surfaces, clothing and exposed skin that may come into contact with the dye. I wore gloves, an old towel, old clothing and covered the table with an old towel. Although the dye is semi-permanent there is still a chance it could stain things, especially your skin.

Next up, when applying you may get a more consistent finish if you separate your hair first with clips into sections. Start painting on the dye onto your roots, and move don gradually. Once you have covered your whole head, go back over the lengths to ensure there is no hair in between that’s been missed out.

Once applied, leave on for thirty minutes and then rinse out thoroughly. Bare in mind that the colour intensity and depth will depend on many factors, such as the condition and porosity of your hair. Initially the colour should appear quite bright – but don’t panic it will fade really fast after this. The colour should fade slightly and calm down within the first 24 hours, you should be left with a lovely pastel pink hue.

It’s important to condition your hair after dying, even when using a semi-permanent dye. I purchased the Reincarnation mask from Bleach London which is £7.50. This mask will regenerate even the most stressed hair – improving elasticity and condition using sunflower seed oil and micro wheat proteins.


My finished look is pastel pink hair that isn’t as dry as a scarecrows straw! Absolutely love it.

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