TOUCHBeauty Ultrasonic Scrub Device Review

AD | GIFTED This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own and this product was gifted to me from TOUCHBeauty

As you guys know if you follow my blog regularly I have an unhealthy obsession with skincare, and this is mainly because I love the transformative effects good skincare can have on your skin. Looking after your skin is also part of preventative maintenance (yes I did coin this phrase from when I worked in the automotive industry!!), if you look after your skin now it will pay off in the long run.

Encompass the TOUCHBeauty Ultrasonic Scrub Device into your daily routine

I recently received the TOUCHBeauty Ultrasonic Scrub Device. This exfoliating device uses ultrasonic vibrations to deeply exfoliate the skin without causing any damage; it is recommended for blackhead removal, when the curved spatula is applied to the skin with light pressure high-frequency vibrations are used to clear pores of excess sebum, dead skin, pollution and oil. As I am a long term sufferer of annoying blackheads that never seem to disappear despite me attempting to squeeze them (gross I know) – I was very excited to use this device, blackheads be gone!

Aside from the amazing claims of what this device does for your skin on a practicality level, let’s just take a minute to talk about the stunning design. This is probably the most sophisticated and visually stunning skincare device I’ve ever owned! The sleek silver curves make it a decorative piece that would compliment any modern home. I love that it has no buttons, just a double touch system on the front which switches it on/off, and a wireless charging base which is just as aesthetically pleasing as the device alone.

How does it perform?

First of all let’s consider that this device costs $299.99, which equates to £237.86 (approx) – and I think that it is worth it 100%. This is a high-end, luxury beauty device that allows you to create salon worthy results at home.

As previously mentioned the packaging and design of the device is beautiful, and when you hold it in your hand to swipe across your face the whole experience feels very luxuriant. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use the device, there is a double tap touch button to activate and then you slightly swipe it across your face, applying light pressure as you go. The ultrasonic vibrations feel soothing, and smooth as they glide across your skin. Additionally you can use the flat side of the spatula to massage in skincare products, such as serums or moisturisers this will increase the absorption of the products.

I have to say from the first use onwards, I noticed my skin appeared smoother, softer and more supple after using the device. Now I am really looking forward to using this device everyday! The gentle exfoliation produces amazing results – for someone like me with acne scarring, open pores and bumpy texture, this device provides an effective microdermabrasion smoothing effect on the skins texture. Wonderful results on my skin!

I would recommend this device to anyone who is looking for a smoothing, gentle, luxuriant beauty device that they can use from home to produce salon professional results.

*If you would like to purchase the TOUCHBeauty Ultrasonic Scrub Device, use code ”Michelle Whitney” for $90 off the retail price. 



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