Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Review

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Let’s face it, we all like a bit of moisture on our faces; sufficient hydration is what keeps our skin looking fresh, healthy and plumped. I’ve personally lost count of how many moisturisers I own, but did that stop me from purchasing the iconic Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream? Of course not! I do not believe in the concept of ”too much” skincare. I refuse.


Originally used backstage to prep models skin, with its transformative effects the Magic Cream became a legend in its own right! I remember hearing about this cream on socials a few years back (but of course, as usual in life I’m late to the party), so I’m excited to finally try it.

It is an award-winning, science powered skincare icon; the moisturiser uses a magic matric of oils, and Charlottes ‘magic 8’ of supercharged skincare ingredients to flood skin with hydration (SPF15 too), giving a glowing and plumped up base for your make up (Charlotte Tilbury, 2020).

How does it perform?

Although the Magic Cream is rather pricey at £49 for 50ml, and £75 for 50ml its one of those products where a little bit goes a long way. The consistency of the cream is thick (if you have used La Mer’s Crem De Le Mer moisturiser, I’d compare it to this), but it does absorb into the skin easily and can provide a decent base before make up application. At first I was unsure of the texture of this cream, but the way it performs makes you realise it’s thick for good reason.

I adore this cream so far, because it feels like luxury. You literally take a few dots, pop them on your cheeks and t-zone, rub them in gently and your skin feels amazingly smooth – and has a glowy sheen that any model would be proud of. Personally I’d still apply my trusty primer after this moisturiser and before applying make-up, but for those of you with good skin this will really give you that extra pop we’re all constantly searching for.


In terms of the product overall, the casing and packaging is beautiful and absolutely insta-worthy – just like all Charlotte Tilbury products! It smells gorgeous, and of course has an iconic reputation that speaks volumes.

If you are searching for a luxurious moisturiser that will last you a good few months, this is the product for you.

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