Perricone MD No Makeup Foundation review

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On a recent impromptu shopping trip to TK Maxx, I managed to find a real bargain! This Perricone MD No Makeup foundation retails at £45, and I managed to snap it up for only £7! I was searching for a new foundation as my trusty No7 one is dying a slow death; so as soon as I spotted this it was almost fate that I was supposed to buy it (I’m sure all retail addicts tell themselves that same line over and over).

In terms of choosing a foundation, which is one of the hardest tasks a girl ever has to do, I like to opt for a medium coverage, SPF if possible and a matte finish as opposed to a dewy finish. The No Makeup foundation is so revolutionary because the coverage is amazing, (it even makes my pitted skin look decent) yet it looks light and natural.


How Does It Perform?

I’m really fussy when it comes to foundation, and this is not because I like to be awkward my skin is just scarred and temperamental – so it takes a special type of foundation to make it look presentable! But I am overly impressed with this Perricone MD foundation. Having never tried any of their products before, but seeing other beauty bloggers rave about the products I did have an inclination that they were high quality.

Because I purchased the foundation on sale from TK Maxx, I grabbed the first colour that was available and I thought might match my skin tone. I have the shade light-medium, and luckily for me this foundation fuses with your natural skin so when applied it looks flawlessly blended. Powered with neuropeptides this foundation also claims to improve wrinkles, dark spots, reduce uneven skin tone all whilst protecting skin with added SPF.

I absolutely love the way it blends into my natural skin, giving an even, full coverage without being overly thick. It makes your skin look healthy, luminous and matte. I cannot stand foundations that make the skin look greasy – I have enough natural shine without adding more!

This foundation is great for all make up lovers because it’s light enough for those who prefer a natural look, but also gives enough coverage for those who like to wear a full face, or full glam. It is buildable, and I am utterly impressed with its ability to blend and fuse with your natural skin. This is an amazing foundation that I’d highly recommend.

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