My Experience at Champneys Health Resort, Forest Mere

Seeing as we are still amidst a global pandemic, my best friend and I thought it would be smart to book a weekend away within the U.K. We booked a two night stay at Champneys health resort in Forest Mere; personally I have never stayed overnight at a spa / health resort and was really looking forward to a relaxing, scenic countryside getaway. I know due to ongoing uncertainty with Covid-19 and quarantine restrictions many people are also opting for a staycation within the U.K. – this is why I thought it would be helpful to write about our experience at Champneys Forest Mere.

Our Experience

Firstly I was so impressed at how close the resort is to London and how easy it is to find. On the A3 it is about a 30 minute drive, and when you exit the A3 the resort is about 5 minutes down the road.


As you approach you can view the river which is adjacent to the resort, instantly you feel more tranquil watching the calm water and breathing in the fresh country air. Once you are inside the resort everything is luxuriant; the styling and interior design is beautifully classic, with extra effort from staff to ensure your stay is as relaxing as possible.

One thing to be aware of is that the resort is cashless, so as you navigate around if you wish to purchase anything I would advise keeping a note of the items on your phone. That way, you won’t have a nasty shock at the end of your trip!

Within the two night stay breakfast lunch and dinner is included (I can’t be the only one who plans trips around food!?), you have access to the indoor and outdoor swimming pool, both indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis, the gym, various fitness classes as well as a café with an outdoor rooftop sitting area. However, due to Covid-19 classes need to be booked in advance, and naturally there is restrictions on how many individuals are allowed to participate at any one time.


In addition to access to the mentioned facilities I would highly recommend booking a treatment whilst you are at the resort. I had an Elemis deep tissue massage which was AMAZING. At first the pressure was intense, due to it being a deep tissue massage – but this only makes you realise how much tension you are carrying around in your muscles. Especially in your neck, shoulders and back. The tension soon resides, as you relax deeper and your therapist works through the knots. It was the best massage I’ve had in my life – and of course afterwards I purchased skincare from the Elemis store they have on site (I can’t seem to go anywhere without purchasing skincare to add to my ridiculously large collection).

When it comes to meal times, you’ll notice that portions may be smaller than what you are used to and that options are healthy. This may sound obvious as its a health resort, but believe me compared to my usual diet this did take some time to adapt to! If you like you could bring snacks to have in your room, or purchase additional drinks / snacks from the bar.


Overall, despite the weather being touch and go (I can imagine in the sun this resort is just absolutely gleaming) our stay was brilliant! I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed nature of the resort, the treatments, shopping and even the healthy food (after much deliberation). I’d really recommend booking a stay here for a relaxing getaway, it’s a lovely resort which is stunning, not far from London and there is plenty to keep you occupied. After all, you deserve it!




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