Mila Simone Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid Serum Review

AD | GIFTED This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own and this product was gifted to me from Mila Simone.

You all know that I’m an avid skincare lover, and one skincare product I especially love is a good old serum. An effective skincare serum can make all the difference in your routine, as serums are generally targeted at anti ageing, hydration and controlling breakouts.

The Mila Simone Azzura Essence Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid serum contains a powerful blend of antioxidants that aim to improve the overall appearance and texture of the skin. It’s a lightweight oil-free formula that uses natural ingredients (love these three factors). It contains Vitamin C for collagen production, Hyaluronic Acid for long-lasting hydration as well as Pomegranate, Aloe Vera and Papaya for their antioxidant properties.

How does it perform?

You’ll notice that the texture is quite runny, so I would advise maybe dropping into the palm of your hand before you apply to your face. I generally apply a few drops of my usual serum to the back of my hand and then massage into my face – but this serum ran away from me!

However, once you get it onto your face and rubbed in the serum sits on the skin very well. It doesn’t dry out your skin like other active serums can do, and it has a natural smell rather than being overly fragranced (fragrances can irritate sensitive skin).

I used this serum throughout my stay at Champneys Forest Mere, and upon my return, and I can honestly say it did help stop breakouts. I also did notice an improvement in skin texture. My skin is only ever really smooth if I take optimum care of it, and this is one product that if I incorporate into my skincare routine long term – I feel it would definitely help smoothen the texture of my skin. The serum always claims to soften acne scarring, but I doubt I’ve been using it long enough to see any real evidence of this.

In conclusion, you only have to look at Amazon to see the Mila Simone Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid serums glowing reviews. I think for the £20 price tag, it’s a competitive product that does works. And for those of us with super sensitive (and sometimes shitty) skin, the natural ingredients, no fragrance and antioxidants are going to work wonders for the complexion.

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