Woo Woo Fun Tame it! In Shower Hair Removal Cream review

The past year or so I’ve had a real issue with shaving, especially shaving my legs. My skin is fine during the process of shaving, it’s the aftermath that is horrific – about an hour later my legs are on fire! They become so intensely itchy that I scratch until they bleed, this in turn, dries out my skin and leaves me and my skin feeling very distressed. It’s safe to say hair removal cream is often my go-to alternative, as I seem to now be totally allergic to shaving altogether! The only issue with my usual hair removal cream is that yes, it’s great on my legs, not so great in intimate areas though. Trust me when I say I’m talking from experience, the last thing you want down below is chemical burns from a hair removal cream. It is not comfortable to say the least, nobody wants their lady parts to feel like they are on fire – all in aid of hair removal!

Suffice to say when I heard of Woo Woo Fun’s Hair Removal cream I was very intrigued to try it. If you haven’t already heard of Woo Woo Fun, I am adamant that you will soon. They are a modern brand specialising in feminine products, they are totally bold and they aim to subvert taboos surrounding female sexuality. I personally think they have found a wonderful niche in the toiletry market, and more power to them for emphasizing that female sexuality should not be hushed up and quietened down. I have followed them on Instagram for a while, and love them as a brand and everything they stand for. This made me even more excited to try the hair removal cream.

How did it perform?

First of all let me comment on the smell because your traditional hair removal creams often smell like gone off eggs. Ladies you know that smell I’m talking about! No matter how much they attempt to cover the smell with alternate ingredients, it just reeks. So I was utterly impressed when the Woo Woo Fun’s hair removal cream actually smelt decent, don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t wear it as a perfume, (it is a hair removal cream after all) but it smells more neutral rather than a smell that induces heaving.

You apply the hair removal cream and leave it on for one minute, and you can leave it on for a few more minutes whilst in the shower – however the packaging states you must not leave it on in total more than six minutes. If you have stubborn hair like me (stubborn hair and sensitive skin, what a grand combo) I’d advise leaving it for a couple more minutes. Or removing the first set of cream, and doing another round. Unfortunately the first round didn’t work for me, but I know that I have extremely stubborn hair. After the second attempt, I was left with a silky smooth undercarriage as promised.

I’d definitely recommend this product as it did not irritate my skin, nor leave it dry or damaged. It’s easy to apply, and does what it states on the tin. Also, the brand in general is great, who wouldn’t want to support a feminist, modern, fun brand!?

You can purchase the hair removal cream here, which is handily available in a travel size or full size. Alternatively, Superdrug are now stockists for Woo Woo fun so watch out because this brand is going to be big. You heard it here first.

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