The Body Shop CBD Restoring Facial Oil review

It’s fair to say that my skin has been stressed lately, infact, I think we’ve all been stressed recently body and skin included! After all, we are still in the middle of a global pandemic, which has changed plans for the entire year for all of us. As well as general life stress, the after effects of having to wear a mask has been playing havoc with my skin, I’ve got what I can only describe as a rash of spots underneath my chin and along my jawline. I suffer with acne at the best of times, but added stress and bacteria from mask wearing is only enhancing my skins amazing ability to break out at any given opportunity. This means that I have been turning to my trusty skincare products to try and rebalance my skin, stopping the breakouts in their tracks, but also soothing my skin after all the stress. I have started a course of microdermabrasion which helps reduce acne scarring and smooths the texture of the skin, however, after removing the top layer of skin as you can imagine my face is rather dry after these sessions. This is where The Body Shop’s CBD Restoring Facial Oil comes in.

I was super excited when I heard The Body Shop was launching a CBD skincare range, I think it’s so interesting that an ingredient such as CBD has gone from a taboo to mainstream in the last few years. The beauty industry is wholly recognising the benefits of CBD in skincare products, and I am so here for it. The Restoring Facial Oil contains naturally derived squalane, CBD and hemp seed oil to hydrate and soothe stressed skin. The Body Shop define stressed skin as skin that has lost luminosity, is dehydrated or particularly dry. The product claims to restore skins moisture levels, whilst improving overall texture, making skin plump and smooth to the touch.

Although The Body Shop do not claim this product helps those who have acne prone skin, a lot of independent consultants are reporting results where this is the case. Due to over cleansing and stripping the skin of its natural oils, our skin tends to over compensate by producing more sebum and thus inducing more breakouts – and this is often the case when individuals suffer with acne. Independent reviews have anecdotally found that the restoring facial oil helps to rebalance the skin during breakouts (and this has been my personal experience too).

How does it perform?

After my third session of microdermabrasion I had received the CBD Restoring Oil, my face was feeling dry and sore (literally like carpet burn feeling on my cheeks) so this was the perfect time to introduce a facial oil to my skincare routine. I was very impressed at the overall quality and experience of using this facial oil in my skincare routine.

It smells fabulous, the patchouli notes are lovely and holistic; and it’s a non greasy oil that smooths onto the skin amazingly. I used a few drops on my skin before applying a moisturiser and I was really pleased with how soft and silky my skin felt. The combination of microdermabrasion and this facial oil really has helped me with bumpy texture on my skin (something I can’t stand!).

This is a great product for the transition into Autumn / Winter, as skin can become dry due to the colder weather. I would highly recommend this facial oil, it’s great value for money and really improves skins moisture levels and overall texture.

*Please note this product is not suitable for those who are pregnant or breast feeding. 


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