Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara: Influenster Vox Box review 

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I’ll be totally honest here, I have no clue how to use Influenster. Perhaps I’m just getting old (25, quarter of a century I’ll have you know), some of this technical social media online stuff I just have no clue about. I had been playing around with it, posting random reviews of cleaning products (how glamorous) and make up I had used many moons ago. But didn’t think much of it, however last week I received my first Vox Box from Influenster. 

Amazingly, my first box *which was received for complimentary purposes* was from Marc Jacobs Beauty. It certainly looked the part. It was their new Velvet Noir Mascara. It appeared luxuriant, with it’s classy monochrome design.  

Does it perform as well as it looks? 

The mascara has a rather large brush, and in this case size does matter. The width of the brush allows you to apply the mascara efficiently and equally.

The mascara ensures that lashes look naturally long, and are far from clumpy. There is one criticism – I did notice that it’s difficult to build up the layers, whereas with similar high end mascaras you can build layers for more volume quite easily. Is it worth the £22 price tag? I’d say, if you don’t own any other high end mascaras then invest in this one. If you do, then it isn’t really worth it; it’s not particularly special for the price. I believe you can get better. But it isn’t half bad either! And it’s a lovely producy aesthetically, it will look great on your dressing table. 

Overall : 8/10 


Beauty Blog Collective: an intro 

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As some of you may or may not know (I have mentioned briefly in the past), I used to write and review beauty products for Really Ree. However, a couple of weeks ago myself and the other contributors were sent a message explaining that Ree no longer wanted us to write for her. She was changing the direction of the website, and wanted to focus solely on her reviews. 

We had a fantastic time reviewing products for the site; receiving some amazing products and receiving exposure from one of the biggest beauty blogs in the UK! A truly great experience. 

After some consideration, we decided that we weren’t done with it. It wasn’t the end for us, seven of us decided to create our own beauty blog. Beauty Blog Collective is now up and running, at its humble beginnings just yet…but we’ve got amazing plans on the horizon. 

It’s really inspiring to work amongst such hard working women. We’re all extremely, terribly busy people – but we all seem to manage to find time to do what we love. Beauty is a passion that we share, and we’re all normal women. That is exactly what we aim to represent, different types of women who have a passion for beauty. 

Here’s to the future! 🥂 

Autumnal faves 

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This may possibly be one of the first autumnal posts you read that doesn’t mention pumpkin spiced lattes. Well, frankly because they are becoming overplayed and naff now in all honesty. Plus you consume zero calories make up shopping. At least that’s my warped justification. 

Of course each new season calls for a make up haul (literally any excuse). Typically in Autumn we move to darker lipsticks, extra moisturisation and cosy jumpers to prepare for the colder season. 

Here are my pick of the best buys for Autumn; 

1. Vitamin E Facial Serum, £3.99

I constantly have dry patches all over my face, it looks like I don’t moisturise at all – my face is like the Sahara dessert. This serum from Superdrug is brilliant value; it’s low cost but full of vitamins to enhance and protect the skin. The naturally sourced Vitamin E also claims to protect against environmental damage, meaning the product can be used as an anti pollution moisture boost. Two birds with one stone! 

2. Mary Kay Gel Lipstick In Red Smoulder, $18 (Available on eBay for U.K. Market) 

I’ve always been a huge fan of the classic red lip. A decent red lip ensures any girl feels as glamorous as Marilyn Monroe. This lipstick being a gel semi Matte texture, is not drying. As discussed in a previous blog post – this lipstick is amazing. This is the perfect shade for the autumnal time. A bright red, that isn’t too deep or frightening for the demure amongst us make up addicts. 

3. Mac Lip Pencil in Vino, £13

A deeper darker purple tone for the braver make up enthusiast – make a statement with a bold purple lip. Super fab. 

4. Mii Cosmetics Matte Lip Cream in Power, £16

Much like the Mary Kay Lipstick this lip cream has a great non drying formulation which lasts all day. Would highly recommend for longevity. A deep purple shade, which would be compatible with earlier mentioned Mac lip liner. Purple lips are great for catching attention, and suited to the winter time cold. Think Russian superstar. Yes darling! 

5. Elf HD Lifting Concealer, £4.50 

Great coverage for a bargain price. This concealer lasts throughout my 7 hour working day without flaking / segmenting. 

Good value for money – non drying also which is almost mandatory for the colder months. 

Fallin’ around: four beauty must-haves for Autumn

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The transition from Summer to Autumn can be somewhat awkward, especially in England. You can easily get caught off guard travelling without an umbrella, (rookie error), fooled by the warm-ish sun you observed throughout the day and ending the day looking like a drowned rat. Let’s face it, we never know what are we going to encounter with the weather in this country. But don’t let your make-up be as inconsistent as the weather.

autumn-cosmeticsHere are my 4 beauty essentials to help you through the colder season, amazingly all under £25:

  1. Mac matte lipstick in Russian Red, £15.50

This deep red shade is perfect for the winter months, it allows you to channel your inner Russian goddess. Frosty, matte, with plenty of colour. Best suited with natural eyebrows, lined eyes, and a natural base on your face.

2. Urban Decay make-up setting spray in Oil Control, £22

Although I must admit before fully committing myself to buying the full size version, I purchased the travel size bottle which is £9. I am far from disappointed. This spray will help your make-up fight the elements, and by the end of the day you’ll still look like the same person, instead of a melting greasy mess that resembles a kebab shop worker. Can be used everyday, and especially handy for nights out.

3. Too Faced Better Than Sex waterproof mascara, £19

I will start by shamelessly bursting everyone’s bubble, and stating that this mascara does not live up to it’s name. However, this waterproof version of the beauty industries favourite mascara is brilliant for showery, wet weather. This mascara is one that you need to build up, it’s quite thin and light – but looks great on your dressing table, and is worth buying purely to see your boyfriends reaction when he clocks the name on the mascara tube. (Would be perfect with the Russian Red lipstick, for natural lashes and a bold lip for Autumn).

4. Urban Decay moondust eyeshadow in Space Cowboy, £14

This picture does not do justice for this amazing eye-shadow. It is more pigmented than a Mac lipstick, and believe me they are like paint. The moon dust eye shadows literally look like moon dust; they are sparkly and make you feel like a princess. Gone are the days of trying to use eyelash glue to stick glitter to your eyes. No No Hun, this is pigmented as ever and so so easy to apply. Glide gently over eyes for a natural day look, or compliment with darker shades to create a beautiful smoky eye.

How to dress like a celebrity on a budget 

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I’m not sure if I like this title, it’s a little basic and makes me sound like a self obsessed bitch. But I promise I’m not being one bit conceited or patronising. On Instagram I have a lot of girls asking what I do as a job, because it appears I have a lot of money. Yes I do drive a BMW and yes I do consistently buy designer bags, shoes & make up.

In all honesty though I’m at university and I work as a service advisor at a garage. Yes my job is pressurised and yes I work long hours. But I don’t earn bundles. 

There’s a great saying which always stayed with me ‘It’s not about how much you earn but how much you save’. To this day that is my mantra and I truly believe it’s about utilising the money you do earn to its fullest extent. Not only that but being disciplined and willing to put in all the hours you can. 

Here are my personal top tips in money saving, and how to appropriately utilise it so that you too can look like kim k on a primark budget (that was really cheesy but you get the drift):

1. Discipline 

Probably one of the hardest things as a female in a capitalist consumer driven society. But, I’m afraid if you want to save you will have to learn self control. I would suggest having two bank accounts, one for living and one for saving. As soon as you get paid transfer as much as you can afford into your savings and do not touch, unless you need it for an emergency. The key to saving is not to deprive yourself. You can treat yourself to small things if you have been doing well as an incentive to keep going. I have found in the past having a specific goal like a new car, shoes etc helps you keep focused on the end result. 

2. Smart shop

When it comes to fashion it can be a little harder to budget yourself. I know exactly how it is, you have a friends birthday coming up and you convince yourself you have NOTHING to wear. So you further convince yourself you need a new outfit complete with new heels. No you do not. If you haven’t brought yourself new clothes in a very long time this would be an exception, but if this is a regular occurrence; what you can do is buy one new item. For example some heels from primark which might only set you back £12. You wear them once and sell them on eBay? No biggie. When it comes to designer items you have to be even smarter. Staple items such as handbags and shoes, can be brought from eBay/Gumtree and even car boot sales. Not to mention charity shops. BUT invest wisely into classics. For example I brought my first pair of Louboutins last year, and I literally brought the most plain black pair because I know they’ll go with almost anything and won’t go out of fashion as they are classic. With make up you have sooooooo many options, brands like the balm and mua are so cheap and high quality. You can literally take your pick! 

3. Organise

You need to plan what you will do with your wages and stick to it. I often make a plan every week (luckily I get paid weekly). Once you do this, the next step is to see where you can minimise expenditure. For example, take packed lunches to university/work instead of wasting money on eating out everyday. Any subscriptions you have taken out which aren’t necessary – stop them asap. And furthermore establish between what you need and what you want. Needs are food, travel, housing and bills. Anything else is what you want and can wait. 

4. Think outside the box

Aside from just getting your wage / and / or student loan, think what else can you do to generate extra cash? You can do car boot sales in which you can sell old junk. Literally junk. It helps you to clear out your old stuff as well. Sell expensive items you no longer use/wear on eBay. You could even do cleaning jobs in your own time/ any other part time jobs on weekends/evenings. This would mean that you no longer have time to go out and waste money. You can also invest. For example at car boot sales they often have vintage/designer goods – if you can haggle and get them for a cheap price and then sell more expensive on eBay. Everyone’s a winner! 

Please note; although many of these tips focus on discipline, you must ensure you have a healthy balance of satisfaction and self control. Don’t starve yourself or deprive yourself of having a social life – just cut down where you can. Enjoy being able to afford more in the long run!