Missguided Boss Babe & Babe Dreams perfume launch & review

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I’ve been writing for The Guild Gazette which is part of an editorial internship I am completing. I won’t lie, it’s a bit strange doing an internship at 25 years old, it almost feels like everybody around you is progressing and leaving you behind – however, sometimes the best things in life simply take time.

I enjoy every minute of it, writing is my passion and it never feels like work. Another aspect which I love is that I get much more scope when writing articles; The Guild Gazette is a beauty trade magazine. So the articles I write are less fluffy than consumer driven articles, they are more in depth, technical and aimed at a professional audience.

This week I attended Missguided’s new perfume launch on behalf of The Guild, along with Marketing & Editorial Executive Pippa Ward and the Editor of the magazine Rebecca Archer. It was an amazing experience all round. The girls are lovely (most of my writing is done remotely so actually being in their presence was a novelty!) and the launch was uplifting.

Missguided is known for being a sassy brand and their first perfume ‘Babe Power’ was the fastest selling perfume of summer 2017; I was wondering how they could possibly outdo this? The entire night was very pink, blurry (perhaps a few too many cocktails) and confident – words that epitomise the brand as a whole.

I know that Missguided actively promote positivity, this can be seen all over their social media and products alike. It can even come across rather cliche at times, they have really latched onto an array of millennial phrases that exert positivity.

However, I was very pleased to notice diversity at the perfume launch. It was at that point I realised this is a brand that sticks to their word. They talk about positivity, but they also substantiate that with action.

In terms of bloggers attending events and launches, I have personally noticed that unfortunately with some brands, you do not get a diverse range of ethnicities who are invited or attend. I’m glad that Missguided are not part of this. It made me have a new found respect for the brand. Diversity within the fashion and beauty industry needs to be celebrated and promoted as much as possible.

The Perfumes

The new perfumes are called ‘Babe Oud’, ‘Babe Dreams’ and ‘Boss Babe’.

Babe Oud – I smelt this briefly at the launch but didn’t get one to take home. It was a strong, musky scent. Perfect for evening wear and suitable for winter.

Boss Babe – This is my favourite of the three scents and has become my daily fragrance. A musky scent that is lighter than Babe Oud, with undertones of vanilla I love the juxtaposed sweetness with heavy musk. A heavier scent that manages to also be light enough for everyday use.

Babe Dreams – The sweetest of the three fragrances. This one is floral and dreamy, as the name suggests.

All the fragrances come in 80ml atomisers and will be available for purchase soon (dates not released yet!). Eek, exciting.


The healing powers of crystals and Sjal Skincare review

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Crystals and stones throughout history have long been held as sacred objects; whether worn as jewellery or kept as lose stones, they have always had an alleviating, mysterious and powerful feel omitted from them. People are drawn to them like a moth to the light. Initially the attraction can be due to their aesthetically pleasing characteristics, but on a secondary level because of their aura and energy.

I have been reading Kristin Petrovich’s fascinating book ‘’Elemental Energy’’, where she describes her relationship with crystals. The book contains in depth instructions on how to use crystals to heal, depending on your personal ailments or concerns. Kristin, alongside her sister Karen launched a skincare range, Sjal Skincare to compliment the healing powers of crystals. The range is a hybrid mix of Eastern holistic traditions merged with the latest Western innovations.

elemental energy book

Elemental Energy Crystals and Gemstone Rituals for a Beautiful Life, by Kristin Petrovich

Personally I was totally sceptical before reading this book. I had little / restricted knowledge of crystals and their powers, and now feel more informed and inspired. Whatever your stance, the subject is worth researching as natural remedies can often cure many modern issues. In this feature I will discuss the benefits of using crystals in your beauty regime, and review Sjal Skincare.

Crystals, gemstones and their powers

wands and stones 1

Photo Cred: Extracted from Elemental Energy Crystal and Gemstone Rituals for a Beautiful Life, by Kristin Petrovich

I understand that it seems completely far-fetched to think that crystals and gemstones have talismanic powers; however we must first understand origins and composition. I promise you I’m not some new age hippie trying to indoctrinate you to lead a wholly natural lifestyle, but it’s always a good idea to be open to new concepts and ideas – this is how we grow as people.

Gemstones and crystals take billions of years to form. Hot magma from the Earth’s core pushes its way up to the crust, and in turn creating crystals in their purest form. ‘’Since Magma is constantly moving throughout the formation process, the rocks in which the minerals form are storehouses of energy…’’ (Kristin Petrovich, P. 12)

Given that crystals have a kinetic energy, it is not impossible to imagine them having regenerative powers or ‘’good vibrations’’.

You’ve heard of Acupuncture? Meditation? Two very well renowned holistic treatments, with similar beliefs to crystals being used for healing. These treatments are all centered on good vibrations and positive energy. Cleansing your soul. Whether you believe in the mystical effects or not, you cannot argue that introducing positivity into your life is pejorative.

Sjal skincare

Kristin Petrovich and her sister Karen launched Sjal Skincare back in 2001. The range is an absolute compliment to the healing energies of crystals. Colloidal forms of crystals are included in the products. Sjal skincare is unique in being the first skincare range to actively include crystals and gemstones in their formulas.

Not only are the crystals included for their beautifying characteristics, but also their positive energies are transferred via the products to the user.

Although the range contains all aspects of skincare, the tonics and oils can be utilised alongside crystals to perform several massages and treatments.

crystals 2

Sjal Mineral Kalla Energy Tonic & (From Top Left Clockwise round); Green Moss Agate Crystal – Essential for confidence boosting and personal growth, Scolecite Wand (Milky white or colourless) – Essential for calming and awakening the heart, Hematite – Essential for energizing while grounding

Personal experience

I trialled the Mineral Kalla Energy Tonic by Sjal Skincare. It is a tonic spritz designed to combat skin stress, it also protects skin against the derogatory effects of pollution. The ingredients are mineral heavy, including gold and silver extract to fight environmental stressors. You can use it as a primer before make-up application, or apply throughout the day for a hydrating boost.

sjal skincare

Sjal Skincare Mineral Kalla Energy Tonic

I found the energy tonic pleasurable to use. It smells rather metallic, but this smell is earthly and natural. It is refreshing to the skin, and gives a much needed boost.

I also found the tonic helpful when carrying out A Shiatsu eye treatment with my hematite stones. The tonic added additional minerals, and provided a lubricant to glide my gem over my face smoothly. This eye treatment intends to combat under eye puffiness and alleviate under eye circles. ”Hematite, which is naturally cool to the touch, is 70 percent iron, so it helps blood circulation and is naturally energizing.” (Kristin Petrovich, P.97)

The under eye treatment was immediately relaxing – and I was very surprised at how content I could feel in my own home, which isn’t necessarily a peaceful sanctuary of an environment. My under eye area responded well to the treatment, and puffiness was decreased. More importantly for me was how the treatment made me feel internally.

I felt like my soul was being cleansed. Mind, body and spirit now feel more aligned. There is definitely something extraordinary about those crystals. I urge you to try it for yourself.

Elemental energy provides an educational knowledge and background of Crystals and Gemstones; whilst providing intricate details of carrying out massages and treatments to cleanse your aura. I would highly recommend the book, as it covers all you would need to know.

Happy Cleansing!

Elemental Energy Crystal and Gemstone Rituals for a Beautiful Life Book can be purchased at Waterstones, for £25Sjal skincare range is launching at John Bell Croydon Concession at Selfridges this month, nonetheless Mineral Kalla Energy Tonic is available now from Space NK for £47

crystals 3

Photo Cred: Extracted from Elemental Energy Crystal and Gemstone Rituals for a Beautiful Life, by Kristin Petrovich

What is Burlexercise, and why you should try it


I’ll be totally honest with you all; I’m that bitch you all love to hate that is naturally slim without an ounce of hard work towards it. I eat what I want (and in vigorous amounts too), and exercise? I’m sorry could you repeat that last word? It’s unfamiliar to me. For me to attend a fitness class is completely out of my comfort zone.

However I decided this year to push boundaries, to do the unthinkable. If you never take any chances in life you will never progress.

What is Burlexercise?

Burlexercise is a hybrid fitness regime, inspired by the sassy dance moves of Burlesque show girls.

burlesque 1

Image courtesy of Instagram

Contrary to popular belief, Burlesque is not just a seedy form of dancing for money. It is renowned for it’s glamour, and it’s ability to enhance a women’s confidence. That is where Burlexercise draws it’s main influences from.

It is an intense workout that not only tones and tightens all round; it is aimed to empower women and make them feel sexy whilst working out. The regime consists of high powered cardio (usually a dance routine to equally sassy music, think George Michael or Madonna), squats (who doesn’t want to tone their bum?!), planking (great to tighten stomach), and dancing with weights.

My experience

At various points throughout the night, I did feel like a real-life epitomisation of Bridget Jones. My timing was questionable, and my hand eye coordination has certainly decreased since school. I did almost die. (I guess this just reinforced how unfit I am!) But I survived – and more surprisingly my legs did not feel like liquid gelatine the next day.

For beginners the work out can be a little tough, that being said, there is zero pressure to keep up with your instructor. Burlexercise is all about having fun whilst working out, the more you laugh the more you’ll tone your stomach muscles right?

I would highly recommend Burlexercise to anyone looking for a fun, flirty class to attend. Regardless of ranking or fitness, it is beneficial to all. You can also learn to be a fitness instructor for Burlexercise here.

If you would like to attend the Burlexercise class I joined, my instructor was Rachel Tuckett-Lodeiro. The class takes place every Tuesday at 8pm at LJA Academy, Stoneleigh Broadway, Surrey KT17 2HP.





Make Up Revolution ‘Midnight Unicorn’ eyeshadow palette review 

product review

Forever an advocate for amazing budget beauty; Make Up Revolution have been absolutely killing the game recently. Launching cult highlighters, lip kits to rival Miss Jenner…and now this amazingly pigmented Eyeshadow Palette. 

It certainly looks the part! With 16 colourful shades, there really is a myriad of looks you could create using this palette. The blurb claims that the shadows are heavily pigmented, and suited for professional and SFX use.

So does it perform as great as it looks?

The performance (da da daaaaa!) 

I decided to use the palette for the first time on my birthday weekend (great excuse to go OTT with the eye Make up). The colours are as vibrant as they appear in the palette, and they are super easy to blend. I used the pink and black shades, and they lasted 8 hours of drinking cocktails, formidable English rain and a rather humid sushi restaurant. It’s fair to say they got staying power. My only criticism would be the standard brush that comes with the palette is quite hard, it’s stiff and it makes application awkward. I used another of my brushes and they blended nicely. 

Overall 9/10 

I actually can’t pick any faults with this palette. And the fact that I am over excited to get the chance to use it again, really accentuates how fab it is! And you know the best best best part? It’s only £6 😱 

If you don’t buy it, I will seriously have to question your sanity. 

Benefit’s They’re Real Double The Lip Lipstick review 

product review

When I read on the box of this lipstick that it can apply both your lip liner and lipstick for you, I was rather sceptical. This product, if it’s claims are true to form, could revolutionise the game for lipstick wearers, saving us untold amounts of time and money. But am I ready to be throwing out my Mac lip liners just yet…? 

The review 

I overline my lips. I know a lot of people think it’s unattractive, but I believe that I do it in a subtle way. It’s because I can’t afford lip fillers right now, so it’s a cheap alternative that makes my lips look much poutier than they are naturally. For me, lip liner gives me that freedom to draw with precision a curvier shape to my lips; so initially I couldn’t see how I’d be able to do that with a pointed lipstick? 

Upon application, you tilt the lipstick so that you can line using the tip. To my utter surprise it did quite a good job without any smearing! The lines were straight, and despite looking a darker colour to the bulk of the lipstick, the liner actually blended into the lipstick perfectly. 

My only criticism is that as it wears down, (as lipsticks progressively do over time), how well will the tip (the liner part) hold out? If the shape of the lipstick becomes distorted it means it will no longer work with precision? Unlike traditional lip liners which can be sharpened. 

Overall I think the product sucessfully carries out its claim of encapsulating a liner and lipstick in one. However a pencil liner gives slightly more precision, and as mentioned I am apprehensive as to whether this particular product would have longevity. It is helpful for those wanting to save time, and perhaps those who do not use liner or only use it to stop lipstick bleeding (which is probably more it’s actual purpose). 

Overall score: 8/10 

Personally I won’t be binning my liners just yet I’m afraid guys… 

Summer 17 skincare essentials – L’Oréal fine flowers review 

product review

I really do love a good skincare product. Even though I’ve got tonnes of skincare stuff coming out of my ears, I still shamelessly end up buying more. When I saw L’Oréal’s new fine flowers range on special offer in Boots, I really had no choice but to buy the milk and gel cream wash. 

L’Oréal is such a unique brand in that their product design is always so effortlessly classy – but yet their prices are fair in comparison to what else is on the market. Despite their good pricing, the quality is never compromised. 

Fine Flowers Milk 400ml – The cleansing milk advices you to sweep it across your face morning and night, in order to cleanse and remove make up. However, I found the milk is so soft, that I often find myself using it as a moisturiser. It smells lush, and 400ml? You’d be mad not to invest – 400ml will probably last me the entire year! 

Fine Flowers Gel-cream Wash 150ml – Both products are marketed towards dry and sensitive skin, and they both are very delicate to the skin. The face wash is free from soap and alcohol, and promised to cleanse your face without drying it. And it does just that. 

Overall review: 

I’ll be totally honest, initially I bought these products because they were so pretty. I was thinking gosh, they will look great in some Instagram flat-lays 💅🏻 

However I’m so happy I did invest, they are both great value products that deliver excellent results. I’m particularly impressed with the milk; I have very temperamental skin which is often dry, sensitive AND greasy (my skin seems to be fighting itself from within, even though I’m 24 it has not calmed down). But this milk really soothes my skin, it’s an absolute essential for Summer ’17. 

I mean, who doesn’t want softer skin!?