What’s in my everyday make up bag? 

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When you are fortunate enough to review a myriad of products from various brands – inevitably you end up with favourites. It says a lot about those products that you actually continue to use and would agree to buy again. 

Here are my current favourite products that I use daily (and yes that is a My Little Pony make up bag, isn’t it super cute?): 

1. Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel, £36 

This bronzing make up base is a godsend. Despite the hefty price tag, the quality is well worth the investment. I use it everyday before applying foundation, it provides a natural looking tan and a smooth base. 

2. NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer in CW04, £6 

Great great value for money. This concealer even manages to hide my dark circles, which is the equivalent to an actual panda. Hugh coverage without being too heavy on the skin, has longevity also – after wearing it all day it doesn’t crack under your eyes. 

3. No7 Lash Impact Ultra Mascara, £13.50 

I am such a fusspot when it comes to mascara, I like them to be thick but not clumpy. And extra voluminous. This No7 mascara is an absolute beaut, in its glittery casing it looks the part – and performs just as well. After applying just two coats I have thick long natural looking lashes! 

4. No7 Pop & Glow Cream Blush, £10 

I usually use powder blushers, so it’s a wonder I’ve been converted to cream blush. In actual fact it’s much easier to use, just smooth it on and blend it in to your own preference. Previously I was using a powder blush by Charlotte Tilbury which although I was happy using the product, it was so difficult to get it right. The blush was so highly pigmented that one swish too many and you ended up looking like Pennywise from IT. Not a look I would strongly recommend. 

5. No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Trio, £10 

This is possibly the cutest and most useful mini Eyeshadow palette I’ve ever owned. The colours are neutral yet striking, pigmented enough for a day look. However if you want to transition to a night time, more dramatic look you can layer up the darker brown colour. Love this palette. 

6. The Ordinary High Adherence Silicone Primer, £3.90

An absolute steal for £3.90. I’ve mentioned this primer before, but it’s one I’ve been using religiously the last two months. And when it runs out I will be purchasing again. It provides a smooth base for make up, it isn’t greasy and it isn’t overly Matte either. The result is natural, fresh looking make up. 

7. High Definition Beauty Brow Highlighter, £16.50

The best brow neatener I’ve ever used. I will legit cry when this finishes. Makes my brows pop without any effort whatsoever. I outline my brows with this, smudge it with a brush and they look amazing. Real HD effect with little effort. 

8. L’Oréal Brow Artist Sculpt in 01 Blonde, £5.99 

Slightly difficult to get on with at first but I have grown to love this product. The blonde colour is perfect for my eyebrows, and the brush has a clever double side. One part you can use to add colour and definition, the other is an eyebrow brush which you can use to neaten the hairs. AND it lasts forever! 


A new classic? Chanel No 5 L’eau: a review 

product review

The original Chanel No 5 has never been a favourite of mine. Infact, to put it rather bluntly – it reminds me of an old school m’am. A haggered bitter old woman, whose nose was always held up high as if where she existed there was better air to breathe.

It’s safe to say, the classic Chanel scents are not my cup of tea. I find them rather old fashioned (and not in a good way), and way too flowery. 

It’s uncanny because just last year I criticised Chanel for being complacent in product design, and suggested they reinvent some of their classic products, adding in a modern twist.  

So as soon as I saw that they had relaunched a new version of No 5; I could not wait to try it for myself. 

It is ridiculously hard to judge this perfume. The notes of the classic No 5 are so over powering as you first spray, and when the perfume dries you get a lighter fresher smell. Which, by the way, is divine. The after smell is great. 

I found myself sniffing at myself all day whilst wearing it. And this is usually a good sign. This usually means my nostrils are partial to whatever perfume I am wearing. So on that front it was a winner. 

I just can’t quite get over the initial smell, and how it repulsed me. And then shortly after I fell in love? Perhaps the strangest relationship with a perfume ever. 

I predict this perfume will be one of the new classics. It’s light, refreshing & who doesn’t love a reinvented classic? It’s what Chanel does best, after all. 

Overall rating: 


That’s so hot: best of summer 16

product review

Even if this summer in England was a complete wash-out (quite literally); there is still an intense need to compile favourite / much needed beauty products for summer. Who even needs an excuse to buy more?

  1. Serum me up baby

Chanel -Hydra beauty serum, £78 for 50ml

Let’s be honest buying and using Chanel products can make anyone feel like Audrey Hepburn. The epitome of class; this hydrating serum is a must-have. It smells divine, and it is multi-purpose. Can be used as a primer before make-up application, as a daily moisturiser or treatment for skin. Plus it looks great on your dressing table. (Yes I am that superficial).

Quick tip: Try to buy Chanel products at the duty free section at airports, I got this serum for around £45, which is almost half price.

2. Mattify me

NYX – Matte blotting paper, £3.50 for 50 sheets

NYXX is slowly becoming my favourite beauty brand. Such good value for money – and these blotting papers are a life saver. If, like me after 3 hours your make-up looks like you’ve been dipped in a chip fat fryer; then you need these blotting papers. They soak up excess oil without spoiling your contour, and they fit in your handbag. Cuuuuute.

3. Baby,baby

Maybelline – Baby skin instant pore eraser, £7.99 for 22ml

If the blotting papers aren’t adequate defence against major grease, I would recommend this primer. The trick to achieving a matte face (espesh in summer when humidity makes your face melt off like an Ikea candle), is attacking it from all angles. Prep is the best defence, and with this primer you’ll be as matte as matte can be.

4. Good enough to eat

Hawaiian Tropic – SPF 25 lipgloss in island berry, £6 for 20ml

This does actually smell good enough to eat. And it’s brilliant because it gives a seductive glossy finish to lips, and is intensely moisturising plus has SPF 25 to protect lips from harmful UV rays. If you are going abroad this summer to a country with a hot climate – don’t leave without this sexy (practical) gloss.

5. Milky

L’Occitane – Milk veil with almond proteins, £28 for 250ml

If there’s one thing summer does do – it can seriously dehydrate your skin. This milk veil is the perfect moisturising treat for skin, apply morning and night (after bathing is the best time). This will make you smell gorgeous, and your skin will be as smooth as silk. This milkshake will bring all the boys to your yard!

The miracle product you never knew you needed until now

product review

As shown, the prep spray provides the quintessential base for flawless make-up


A vitamin prep spray!?!? Like, what even is that?

We’ve all heard of Urban Decay’s legendary make-up setting spray; the setting spray of all facial sprays. Supposedly lasts through 12 hour sessions of sex, probably last even through WW3. Hey – no matter what is going on externally, our faces must always be flawless right. *Regina George moment right thurrrrrr*

Honestly speaking, since I have had this vitamin prep spray from UD – it has changed not only my make-up regime – but my life. You apply it before your daily moisturiser, and it’s like a breathe of fresh air onto your mush. It closes pores, reduces redness and imperfections; but also, it feels so bloody refreshing. Imagine the rejuvenating feeling of splashing ice cold Evian on your face first thing in the morning, BUT with added vitamins to enhance your skin, and perfectly prep it for your make-up. Flawless!

Everyone needs it. Now, what are you waiting for?


Spring has sprung: the 4 best lipstick shades for the season

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with nosA time typically known for new beginnings, a fresh horizon, awakening, blossoming…

Whatever you believe, there is no better time to brighten your make-up then when spring arrives. We look forward to longer, brighter days and we are one step closer to Summer! (which in England means perhaps two sunny days out of the whole year? or warm rain? – usually the latter is more consistent).

Here are my four favourite spring lipstick shades; as you can see I have opted for nudes (I don’t mean the type which Kim K constantly uploads either) which I think are appropriate. They give a fresh, warm and ,somewhat, natural look. The bright pink tones featured compare to a flower- both eye-catching and bold.

1). Gosh velvet touch matt in 003 antique, £6.99

This is perfect for those of you who enjoy a natural lip, but want to try something a little more bold. Quite a dark brown nude shade, it is a perfect dupe for Kylie Jenner’s lip kits and Mac Whirl/Dervish. Great value lipstick from a reputable high street brand.

2). Chanel rouge allure luminous matte lip colour in 50 la romanesque, £26

A dark fuchsia which really makes a statement, a great alternative to a classic red matte lip. Bang on trend as pinks and peaches were spotted on the runway this season at brands such as Rodarte and Dior. Channel your inner Bridget Bardot with timeless Chanel.

3). Mac cremesheen lip colour in peach blossom, £15.50

I know your thinking this is a more expensive version of the Gosh lipstick. But it really isn’t, as any make-up junkie knows very well, you can never have too many lipsticks of the same shade (and no they aren’t actually the same, they vary slightly – it takes a trained eye to spot this/an OCD make-up freak). But the texture on this Mac lipstick is dewy and shiny, as opposed to giving a matte finish. The colour is also lighter and sheer – the perfect natural lip.

4). Mac lustre lip colour in lustering, £15.50

50 shades of pink right? You got it. This fuchsia is a coral variation, with a matte finish. Not one for the faint-hearted, gives a rich girly pink colour guaranteed to make the boys wink.


It’s all in the brows 

product review

You can’t leave the house without your brows on right? Well me neither. 

Everyone knows how important eyebrows became in 2015, and they won’t be any less poignant in the new year. The fundamental question is, which products help aid ‘fleeky’ brows? With so much choice out there, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming. 

Personally I have always found pencils to be the best at shaping eyebrows; they provide steady precision, and give natural looking results. (What we don’t want is hugely ott drawn on eyebrows which could rival Pete Burns). 

I put to the test a designer eyebrow pencil versus a high street brought one. 

The first product to review is soap and glorys archery brow pencil. The great thing about this is that one end you have a pencil, the other is a liquid tint. 

Great value at just £10. And I thoroughly enjoyed the fact they have a blonde colour. It is increasingly difficult to find light eyebrow pencils. And I don’t want to be that girl with platinum hair and black eyebrows. Harsh is an understatement. 

In all honesty for the past few months this product has been my saviour. However, just one small criticism. Because you can’t sharpen the pencil it doesn’t tend to last as long as traditional pencils, and there is only two shades available which doesn’t give much scope to a wider audience. All in all I would give a score of 9/10. 

Now, for those who know me they will know how much of a Chanel addict I am. That being said, I always review their products with an open mind. But they are just so goddamn aesthetically pleasing. Like I want to live at a Chanel counter and never leave. 

However, when it comes to modern concepts Chanel can sometimes lag behind due to its classic image. But I was pleasantly surprised that the eyebrow pencil comes in various shades. At £19 it isn’t cheap, but it isn’t particularly pricey either. If you take into consideration the fact it’s a pencil which may last several months, it does work out quite economical. 

As usual, the presentation is on point. That black and white glamour never fails to make me spend my money. 

The quality of the pencil is fantastic, unlike cheaper pencils it doesn’t break when being sharpened. Much like Mac lip liners, it stays sharp giving precise lines upon application. 

The pencil itself comes with a sharpener and the other end is an eyebrow brush (those things which I never use, which could actually come in handy). Overall 9/10. 
Soap and glory has to win this one though, I’m afraid. Although both pencils were awarded the same score; I understand Chanels price isn’t attainable for many people and buying their products it’s more about the whole experience rather than product performance. Whereas soap and glory present their products in a high quality way, with a great value price and the product offers more diversity when shaping eyebrows. High street wins this one!  


Chanel rouge noir collection: the big facade 

opinion piece

Following the legendary nail varnish release 20 years ago, Chanel has relaunched a whole rouge noir collection for Christmas 2015. There is nothing innovative about the ‘new’ collection, it’s an imitation of past products. We ask why?
Words: Michelle Whitney, Subeditor: Christie Bannon


Chanel is renowned for classic glamour; its cosmetics and perfumes are no exception. The quality of their products is notoriously high, but does this mean they are consequently permitted to be lazy?
If we look at the rouge noir collection, there is no ‘bang’, nothing innovative, and certainly nothing new. There is nothing wrong with reinventing classic products, or appreciating them for that matter. But when it’s a relaunch of the same nail varnish colour every year it does become somewhat tedious. The only remotely new item is the glittery top coat designed to go on top of rouge noir polish. Well, mid-range/budget make up brands have sold gold glittery nail varnish for years now.
Chanel has certain brand values, and that’s perfectly understandable. They know what works and they stick to it. On the other hand other luxury brands who are just as classic; have reinvented legendary cult products and have been hugely successful. YSL’s Opium perfume a few years ago would have been seen as unsuitable for anyone under the age of 45. Once YSL relaunched it in a glittery bottle, and changed the formula to a fresher, sweeter smell – et voila! A reborn classic. Estée Lauder too, have recently launched a lipstick range with Kendall Jenner; typically they aim their products at the older woman, but utilising Kendall as a spokesperson has opened up their demographic to a younger audience.
If these brands are capable of modernising their classic products, why can’t Chanel?
It seems as though Chanel aims products at an elitist demographic, and that’s perfectly reasonable; clearly they want to uphold luxury connotations and an air of exclusivity. In the long run though, all they are doing is depriving themselves of reaching out to a younger demographic. The elitist audience they aim their products at now does seem deliberately exclusive. Chanel also doesn’t cater for ethnic skin tones. Their foundations have a limited range of colours; this is discriminatory, and it seems as though it’s because they are already a popular established brand. They feel no need to alter this, and to enter 2015.
Undoubtedly the collection will be a success, there are so many avid Chanel fans who will buy just because of the label. This is wrong, and complacency is in danger of causing them to become a stagnant brand. But it’s also disrespectful to our expectations. And I think as consumers we should demand more. How about launching a brand new classic, and expanding the current range so that everyone can enjoy the high quality of Chanel which we all appreciate?
We need future classics.