Three key items for pure 70’s vibes 

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I think the pivotal moment for me to realise my innate love for 70’s styling; was watching Rihanna’s wild thoughts video. She just looks so good, retro good. And since that moment I have been trying to copy. 

I thought I’d break it down for you guys and pick out three key items you can purchase (that won’t cost the entire earth too btw), to allow you to be on trend. Trends can change from one season to the next, so conforming excessively and changing your entire wardrobe to suit is not economically feasible. 

Here’s my top picks 

1. Suede away 

Photography by Claudia Araujo Robles

Suede is a key texture in 70’s style, it epitomises the era. It is also super comfy and soft. If you don’t feel quite brave enough to venture outside in a suede top or skirt, an accesesory will be sufficient. (I was conscious of looking like an ABBA extra too). The skirt featured above is from Primark, and so isn’t available online. But I found another emerald green pretty suede skirt online for £8. Bargain

2. Bell sleeves 

Yes I was completely terrified of these sleeves at first too. They are huge. They could probably knock someone out in all fairness. But they have grown on me, grown all over me actually. I think they are so sexy now. 

The black off the shoulder top (as pictured) is from Zara, it was sadly purchased on sale. However you can find many more online of the same design. They are a key trend within the 70’s theme. Flamboyant and extravagant, they are guaranteed to make you stand out. 

Tops with these sleeves are so versatile, they can be worn with suede skirts as mentioned above. 

They can also be styled with jeans, denim skirts, high waisted shorts. For the full Austin Powers effect I would recommend wearing with flared jeans or a suede skirt 😍 

3. Elie Saabs Girl of Now perfume 

The new fragrance encapsulates vintage femininity. And from this perspective, I believe every girl needs this perfume. It’s vintage styling makes it a dressing table staple, and the fragrance makes you feel on top of the world. You are the girl of now. 

Go kill em girls! 


Why staying in is the new going out 

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For me, staying in at the weekend is a sensible choice. I don’t mean being a total social recluse – but choosing to stay in once in a while rather than going ‘out out’. You know, wasting ridiculous amounts of money in pretentious clubs and bars, surrounded by pretentious people you pretend to like. Don’t get me wrong, you can have a great night out partying when you are celebrating an ocassion. Or attending an actual event. But for me, long gone are the teenage days when I got shit faced for no reason; or to drown my sorrows. Because you know what, getting drunk to blur out your dull reality does not work. And quite often it’s an expensive mistake. Both emotionally and on your pocket. 

I am approaching 25 this October; I actually can’t think of anything better than chilling with a close friend, watching a horror movie with a night filled full of carbs. 

We are part of a millennial generation whom can’t afford cars. We can’t afford to leave our parental homes. I can’t understand what everyone is celebrating every weekend? 

Sure it’s great to let your hair down and relax. And everybody has different ways of doing so, I get that. However, we work damn hard for our money. And with the current economic climate, unless you happen to be in a very generously paid job. If you are young, living at home, or even alone… chances are you are struggling financially like the rest of us. So don’t go out every weekend getting drunk because you feel it’s the socially normal thing to do. Think for yourself. Do you really want to waste over £100 every Saturday night? You could save up and do something much more productive, without the hangover. 

So next weekend, or maybe even the weekend after. Consider this: staying in with a friend, getting some awesome carby snacks and watching a movie. I guarantee the entire night will cost you under £15. Bargain! 

Of course you can’t stay in watching films every weekend. But there are cheap alternative days / nights out; 

1. Find a gem of a restaurant 

Once I discovered Tortilla, which is basically the subway heaven of Burritos -my life changed. All this for under a tenner. You need to find your Tortilla, and it can be your go to restaurant every time you are trying to save money. 2. Free events 

Time out is great for advertising free events around London, or cheap nights out. They also advertise when restaurants do free food or giveaways. Great if you want a free lunch / dinner. 

3. Find your interests, attend events 

We are lucky enough to have some of the best museums and events in the world in London. And I feel young people don’t exploit this fact enough. Many of them are free to enter, you can spend your weekend exploring cultural and historical facts. Who knows, you may awaken a new hobby or interest. 

I hope everyone has a blessed weekend 💋

How to dress like a celebrity on a budget 

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I’m not sure if I like this title, it’s a little basic and makes me sound like a self obsessed bitch. But I promise I’m not being one bit conceited or patronising. On Instagram I have a lot of girls asking what I do as a job, because it appears I have a lot of money. Yes I do drive a BMW and yes I do consistently buy designer bags, shoes & make up.

In all honesty though I’m at university and I work as a service advisor at a garage. Yes my job is pressurised and yes I work long hours. But I don’t earn bundles. 

There’s a great saying which always stayed with me ‘It’s not about how much you earn but how much you save’. To this day that is my mantra and I truly believe it’s about utilising the money you do earn to its fullest extent. Not only that but being disciplined and willing to put in all the hours you can. 

Here are my personal top tips in money saving, and how to appropriately utilise it so that you too can look like kim k on a primark budget (that was really cheesy but you get the drift):

1. Discipline 

Probably one of the hardest things as a female in a capitalist consumer driven society. But, I’m afraid if you want to save you will have to learn self control. I would suggest having two bank accounts, one for living and one for saving. As soon as you get paid transfer as much as you can afford into your savings and do not touch, unless you need it for an emergency. The key to saving is not to deprive yourself. You can treat yourself to small things if you have been doing well as an incentive to keep going. I have found in the past having a specific goal like a new car, shoes etc helps you keep focused on the end result. 

2. Smart shop

When it comes to fashion it can be a little harder to budget yourself. I know exactly how it is, you have a friends birthday coming up and you convince yourself you have NOTHING to wear. So you further convince yourself you need a new outfit complete with new heels. No you do not. If you haven’t brought yourself new clothes in a very long time this would be an exception, but if this is a regular occurrence; what you can do is buy one new item. For example some heels from primark which might only set you back £12. You wear them once and sell them on eBay? No biggie. When it comes to designer items you have to be even smarter. Staple items such as handbags and shoes, can be brought from eBay/Gumtree and even car boot sales. Not to mention charity shops. BUT invest wisely into classics. For example I brought my first pair of Louboutins last year, and I literally brought the most plain black pair because I know they’ll go with almost anything and won’t go out of fashion as they are classic. With make up you have sooooooo many options, brands like the balm and mua are so cheap and high quality. You can literally take your pick! 

3. Organise

You need to plan what you will do with your wages and stick to it. I often make a plan every week (luckily I get paid weekly). Once you do this, the next step is to see where you can minimise expenditure. For example, take packed lunches to university/work instead of wasting money on eating out everyday. Any subscriptions you have taken out which aren’t necessary – stop them asap. And furthermore establish between what you need and what you want. Needs are food, travel, housing and bills. Anything else is what you want and can wait. 

4. Think outside the box

Aside from just getting your wage / and / or student loan, think what else can you do to generate extra cash? You can do car boot sales in which you can sell old junk. Literally junk. It helps you to clear out your old stuff as well. Sell expensive items you no longer use/wear on eBay. You could even do cleaning jobs in your own time/ any other part time jobs on weekends/evenings. This would mean that you no longer have time to go out and waste money. You can also invest. For example at car boot sales they often have vintage/designer goods – if you can haggle and get them for a cheap price and then sell more expensive on eBay. Everyone’s a winner! 

Please note; although many of these tips focus on discipline, you must ensure you have a healthy balance of satisfaction and self control. Don’t starve yourself or deprive yourself of having a social life – just cut down where you can. Enjoy being able to afford more in the long run!