November beauty heroes 

product review

The past month has been crazy busy; and what has been a flurry of beauty reviews, starting a new job and alcohol fuelled event launches has just flown by. Having a superabundance of products to try is certainly nothing to complain about, but it does however making choosing the best of the bunch a hard job. 

Here is what I’ve loved this month and why: 

1. Protect the skin your in 

What skin needs, Skin balm, £9.99 

Forever fighting a battle against my skin, I’m always on the lookout for ‘miracle’ products to surpress my ever growing list of skin concerns. This skin balm works at reducing several types of irritations, including eczema, dry skin, acne and sunburn. It is made in Australia, and derived from a Phyto Activated plant extract. From the first night I used it, I saw a visible difference to my skin condition. An absolute steal at £9.99. 
2. Perfect for Christmas, perfect for you 

Ghost sweetheart gift set, £38 

This gift set is amazing value for £38. It contains a 50ml version of the Ghost Sweetheart perfume (which is absolutely enchanting, without being overpowering), two nail varnishes, a candle, a make up bag and body butter. Everything smells divine, everything has rose gold on it. It’s a beauty bloggers dream. This would make a perfect Christmas gift for a loved one, or why not for yourself!? 

3. Sometimes natural 
Kiss Lash Couture Eyelashes in Little Black Dress, £5.32 

As a serial lash wearer (I feel terribly bald without them), it’s difficult to find daily lashes. The trouble of searching for a glamorous false lash that isn’t totally ridiculous in the workplace. I think I have finally found a feasible solution! Kiss’ latest Lash Couture range uses faux mink lashes, which are soft and easy to use but give a good length. They look really pretty on, a lovely flirty natural lash. 

Kiss Lash Couture Lashes in ‘Little Black Dress’


A new classic? Chanel No 5 L’eau: a review 

product review

The original Chanel No 5 has never been a favourite of mine. Infact, to put it rather bluntly – it reminds me of an old school m’am. A haggered bitter old woman, whose nose was always held up high as if where she existed there was better air to breathe.

It’s safe to say, the classic Chanel scents are not my cup of tea. I find them rather old fashioned (and not in a good way), and way too flowery. 

It’s uncanny because just last year I criticised Chanel for being complacent in product design, and suggested they reinvent some of their classic products, adding in a modern twist.  

So as soon as I saw that they had relaunched a new version of No 5; I could not wait to try it for myself. 

It is ridiculously hard to judge this perfume. The notes of the classic No 5 are so over powering as you first spray, and when the perfume dries you get a lighter fresher smell. Which, by the way, is divine. The after smell is great. 

I found myself sniffing at myself all day whilst wearing it. And this is usually a good sign. This usually means my nostrils are partial to whatever perfume I am wearing. So on that front it was a winner. 

I just can’t quite get over the initial smell, and how it repulsed me. And then shortly after I fell in love? Perhaps the strangest relationship with a perfume ever. 

I predict this perfume will be one of the new classics. It’s light, refreshing & who doesn’t love a reinvented classic? It’s what Chanel does best, after all. 

Overall rating: 


Scrub up – latest fad: facial massagers 

product review

There’s always a new fad introduced by the industry and I always feel like a sheep when I rush to go and buy into whatever fallacy is being launched at me. Whether it’s lip plumpers that claim to make you look like Kylie Jenner without the fillers, or face creams that swear they can erase 10 years. 

I’m the person that will always be at the front of the queue asking to have my money taken from me. Forever on a quest to look better. 

Recently I’ve seen these facial brushes / massagers everywhere on social media. 

And for once I wasn’t about to buy into the fad either. Coincedentally this months glossy box contained one, so I thought fine it’s free why the hell not? 

I absolutely hate what I’m about to write. And I ask you in advance not to judge me for it. But Jesus Christ. You need this in your life more than you need water. And I know I sound like a silly sheep or a lost follower of fashion; but these are magnificent. The holy grail of facial circulation. 

Dealing with acne prone oily skin is a fete in itself. But this facial brush made my skin softer than I can ever remember it being! I know it’s cliched but my face is like a baby’s bum right about now. 

It couldn’t be simpler to use either, you apply your usual cleanser. Massage around your face in a circular motion, rinse off and then clean the brush. 

So, no, don’t invest in yet another highlighter which is just going to collect dust on your dressing table. Invest in your best asset. The thing you only get one of, which you will need to take care of the rest of your life. Your skin. 

P.s I have googled the spatoyou facial brush / massager which I received in my glossy box around 4 times now. And I cannot seem to locate it ? Perhaps they don’t sell it online yet. Keep your eyes peeled in that case. But in the meantime, you can buy any other clarisonic facial cleansing brush.